Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aaron Eckhart... The New Mark Slamm!

After an exhaustive search, David and I both agree, that Aaron Eckhart would make the ideal Mark Slamm, if the idea ever sold! He has demonstrated his versatility in both comedy and drama, he has blonde hair, and that great chin! We were originally going to go with Daniel Craig... but he appears to be busy, in doing something or another called "The Bond Series." The team of Simpson and Lynch hope that Mr. Eckhart will see this post, or read the one I posted on his website, and ask to see a screenplay...

Here's a link to his website.


  1. "Hisss?" "Hisss?" Funny, I don't remember that being in my caption suggestion! (Actually, Skip, I assume that's a MAD "Howdy Dooit" reference?)

    And giving credit where credit is due, folks, Mr. Eckhart was Skip's suggestion. My "creative input" was to say "Excellent choice!"

    [sits back and waits for phone call from Aaron Eckhart]

  2. That WAS a MAD "Howdy Dooit" reference! When I was Photoshopping the pix, I just couldn't resist! Uh... and I didn't give out our phone numbers... but he DOES have a link to this site!

  3. lol. you guys are hilarious. i will put in a good word with aaron next time i see him...

  4. Brian, please DO! Actually, this kinda reminds me of a game, David and I would play when we were writing together...
    You WANT... Aaron Eckhart
    You'll SETTLE FOR... Cary Elwes
    You WIND UP WITH... John Cusack
    And so it goes...

  5. I think Aaron's trying to call but, I heard his cell phone battery is dead. Shouldn't be long...

    Cusak does have experience with guns.

  6. @Ronda: I assume you mean War, Inc. (which I haven't seen) and Grosse Point Blank (which I enjoyed) before it?

    Any others? Oh, yeah, Con Air. Liked the movie, hated the ending. Steve Buscemi's character was a serial killer and child murderer, and the audience was predisposed to like him, and cheer when he escaped? Sorry, not me.

  7. And don't get me wrong... I like Cusak... but he would be totally wrong in the role. Like if Jack Black played Green Lantern. I just watched "Pushing Tin" the other night on Fancast (which also has three Johnny Depp movies, and Reefer Madness) and really enjoyed its unpredictability.

  8. The perfect choice! I approve 100%!