Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Crack at "Jack!"

David says: If patience is a virtue, as the old saying proclaims, this is definitely the first time I've ever thought of Skip Simpson as being virtuous. (And write down this date, because it'll probably be the last time, as well.) Skip's been waiting for me to find enough time in my ridiculously-hectic schedule to post "Jack," our very first completed collaboration, so that those of you who are brave enough to read the whole damned thing will have a chance to do so before Skip and I begin the literary ping-pong game we're writing, a sequel to the original entitled "Look Out! Ol' Jack is Back!"

(Skip sez: "And hopefully, the sequel will be filled with lots of gratuitous sex and violence...")

As mentioned both here (if you want "my" version) and here (if you want Skip's more fanciful -- and more entertaining -- version), one night I sat at Skip's desk, and while he sat nearby wondering what I was doing, I wrote slightly more than a page of text. I handed it to Skip. He read it and said, "Okay, now what?"

(Skip sez: "When dealing with David, I would ask that a lot.")

"Now," I replied, probably less dramatically as I now recall it, "it's your turn."

We began taking turns writing between one and two pages at a time, each time leaving the other with a cliff-hanger of sorts. The story was crammed with private jokes, mainly references to movies we were both familiar with, and mostly from those we'd seen together, like Eyewitness, Apolocalypse Now, The Funhouse... Blame the beer. Some of these private references were so private, they were no doubt lost on anyone other than the one who'd actually included them! (To this day, for example, I'm betting that even Skip doesn't know why I mentioned a "1973 Ferrari" at one point. The only one who'd stand a chance at getting that one would probably be regular reader "Subby"... but I digress.)

(Skip sez: "Wasn't that the car Twiggy was driving in "The Blues Brothers???")

There were several running jokes, if the word "joke" can even apply. Words like "damn" and phrases like "full-grown moose" kept resurfacing. Blame the beer. And each of us built upon the other's newly-created mythology.

After a long partnership, and more than ten years after we wrote "Jack," Skip and I -- as noted elsewhere -- fell out of touch. A few months ago, I included one of "my" sections of "Jack" in a Theme Thursday post on my The Lair of the Silver Fox blog, and when several readers asked for the whole story, I apologetically declined, saying I had no way of contacting Skip for his permission to post the entirety of a story which he co-owned.

Approximately three months later, amazingly, Skip contacted me.

How, and why?

Well, would you believe... My blogs are so darned famous that Skip stumbled across...

No, huh?

Would you believe... Karma/God/Fate decided that the two of us...

No, huh?

Would you believe... Dumb luck?

You'd better.

(Skip sez: "Actually, I had been thinking about David, and finally got ahold of Paul Howley, who gave me the "heads up" on the "Lair Of The Silver Fox." So blame HIM!")

Anyway, one of the first projects the newly-revived team of Simpson/Lynch decided to write was a sequel to "Jack," one where I'd write a bit, then Skip would write some, and so forth... However, this time we've discussed various plot points ahead of time. I'll be starting the sequel, as I said, so don't hold your breath please be patient. After all, if Skip can be patient... Well, I have more faith in you, dear reader. (But please don't tell Skip I said that!)

You don't have to read "Jack" to understand "Look Out! Ol' Jack is Back!" However, you may want to... but be warned that it's seventeen pages long. (Pack a lunch.)

Two more notes before my scanned paged complete this post. (I had to scan it. If I were to re-type it, I'd never finish it.) Please forgive any typographical errors or misspellings. Blame the beer. Also, I wish I could tell you that this was the original, unedited version from 1982, but both Skip and I tinkered with it a bit in 1988. Just sayin'.

And now, without further ado... "Jack."

(And don't be intimidated by the tiny pages pictured below, folks! Clicking on each image will result in a much larger image!)

Thanks for your time.

(Skip sez: "I'm poppin' a beer and reading along!")

(Skip sez: "Yep. That's the way I remember it! Good job, my friend!")


  1. All I can say is that you guys are having way too much fun over here!! :^)

  2. I'll be back and forth until I finsh this. It is too good to miss.

  3. (Skip sez:) Ronda, take as much time as you need. We're not going anywhere. And willow... yes we ARE! :D