Sunday, October 11, 2009

Having A Ball At Willow Manor

The Silver Fox had brought his car onboard the "Skipster One," and he brought it to the ball, just in case any of the ladies would like some "private time" with the old "Foxster"...

The Silver Fox, himself! Such a dashing figure!

Here's "Cammie" and I on the "Red Carpet."

I recited a poem I had written, just for her...

"Cammie, oh Cammie.

You're hot as pastrammi,

and slick as salammi.

In old Alabammi,

I dream of you, Cammie."

After awhile, Cammie said she had a headache, excused herself, and went upstairs. She came back down, twenty minutes later, wearing another gown, and a cheap brunette wig. I must admit, the transformation was remarkable!

She walked right past me, and sauntered over to some swarthy guy, in a white dinner jacket. I'm used to rejection, most of the time... but THIS time, I decided to fight fire with fire!

I spotted a sweet looking girl, who was sitting all alone and looking very sad, and asked her for a dance...

That obviously made Cammie very mad, because she stormed out, stealing somebody's car in the process. I will always remember the final words she yelled to me.
"...And stop calling me CAMMIE, you little creep!!!"

Willow just shook her head."You're too good for her, Skip," she said, and led me by the arm, back inside. Well, you know what? I'm having a GREAT time dancing with all the pretty women, especially Susie, Poetikat, and Betsy! Willow was right! I decided I don't "need" Cammie any more!

At one point during the evening, I even thought I saw Catherine Zeta-Jones! Go figure!

Gee. I wonder whose car Cammie stole?

Hmm... haven't seen The Silver Fox . Wonder what he's up to? Well, I have a "little surprise" for him on Wednesday, when we're scheduled to leave!


  1. Oh dearheart I do think you are wasting your time on that Cammie woman, you heart will only be broken and then what.
    Do stop by and say hello, on, yes I know it's not my usual room, but Willow has done so well with all the planning and it has a wonderful view, don't forget you did promise a dance!

  2. Thanks for sharing the Cammie salammi poem and the hillarious video (what a Finale!).

  3. I can't believe she left you after that lovely poem! :) Yes, I agree with the others that you are much to good for her!

    Thanks for the dance, Mr. Skip! I didn't know you had such smooth moves...and your eyes are quiet dreamy!

    I'll take a spin with you in that gorgeous little car you brought...if you promise to behave yourself!

  4. You are a poet in the true Groucho Marx style, Skip.

    Yes, yes, Cammie is beneath you. But the evening is young and there are SO many intriguing women...

    Is this dance ours?

  5. I just new there was a poet lurking in there, Skippy!
    Way to go with scoring a date with Cammie! Willow's right, she's so NOT in your league!
    Come visit me on the divan.

    Kitty Mangleword (see my blog for explanation).

  6. Hi Skip,

    You obviously cut a cool figure on the dancefloor! Some women are so ungrateful. You can do better. And keep at the poetry!

  7. Ah, Skip. Women can be fickle,can't we? Never mind. There are plenty more lovelies out here on the dance floor, each more beautiful than the other, and we all crave your name on our dance cards. Wait - is that The Blue Danube I hear? I've promised that to my escort, the fabulous Colin. Must run -

  8. How Dashing, and a poet too. I think a few girls in the corner just swooned at the sight of you.

  9. LOL!!! This was such a fabulous rendition of the night! And I do think you are too good for Cammie - the dance proved that. Please save a dance for me - I'm with Hugh Jackman, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind just one dance!

    Insert air kisses here.

  10. Skip here you are! What are you doing here behind these potted plants? Oh, I see you're smoking one of those "funny" cigarettes Reya brought. I thought since Cammie took off down the manor drive, I would have more of you to myself.

    Okay, I'll have a puff or two, myself.

  11. Um... I'm starting to think that WAS your car...

  12. Well, you are quite the romantic poet!

    I've saved you a dance, and I am looking forward to it!

  13. SOME of us liked your poetry :-)

  14. LOL!The poem was SO funny!

  15. I think I speak for all the ladies in attendance when i thank you for bringing Tom Cruise ;)

  16. Skip, i don'tt think Diaz is used to be talked to that way! you certainly showed her that riches and beauty isn't everything. LOL.

    Anyway, I've got some mulled wine brewing whilst you go fly around with the lovely guests. Enjoy. It will warm you up upon your return.

    Hey, maybe you'll see the car from up there?

  17. There are many fish in the sea to replace Cammie. Nicely done bit of poetry, Skip.

  18. LOL!!! I just had this thought, of everyone who has seen these posts, will never look at a poor Cameron Diaz movie the same again! I can hear it now. In the middle of one of her movies, I can hear the voice of some lady telling her beau, "You know... she really treated Skip like crap," and the beau responding, "Who the hell is Skip???"

  19. Skip: Excellent observation. Now lemme sleep! (Well, you were a tad loud a time or two last night...)