Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Tough Being Single...

Yep. These are the guys that I always seem to be competing against, to find a nice lady.

And people wonder why I drink...

But, if I HAD to record something, it would probably go like this:

"Hi! My name is Skip. I'm a gentleman..."

Excuse me! Seems I just got an instant message from "The Silver Fox..."

SF676756: What??? A GENTLEMAN???
Skipster1951: Oh, hi Foxster!
SF676756: Stop calling me that!!! What gives you the right to call yourself a gentleman??? LOL!!! ROFL!!!
Skipster1951: The same right you have to run around in a Zorro outfit, I guess... :P
SF676756: I'll ignore that! I'd advise you to stop misrepresenting yourself to your female viewers, otherwise I'll be forced to post the pictures I've kept since 1983!!!
Skipster1951: Okay, Foxster! :P
SF76756: @*#&$!!! :((SF76756 has signed off)

I wonder how he always seems to know what I'm writing???

Ahem. To continue:

"I'm a "GENTLEMAN," who enjoys traveling, eating out in fine restaurants, painting landscapes, casinos, movies, watching DVDs, playing computer games, reading, writing screenplays, cooking, James Bond movies, and music (especially singing karaoke like Sinatra). I love just sitting back during the rain, sipping a nice wine, and listening to classical music. I'm early retired, and can pretty much come and go as I want. I'm looking for someone to share some time, go places with, and who knows? . I'm NOT into motorcycles, horses, or NASCAR... but I could probably land a Boeing 777 in an emergency! LOL I'm proud to say I'm a Democrat. I hate arguments, and have been known to walk out of the room, or out of the relationship, if they seem to occur too often. I'm a romantic at heart ("Phantom Of The Opera" is my favorite Broadway musical), who also believes in equality. I'm spiritual, but not religious. Ladies tell me I'm funny, look like Alan Alda, and I'm a good dancer. My favorite meal is Prime Rib, (which I can also cook). Basically, I'm set in my ways, and very comfortable with that. When I find the right lady, "I'll give you a daisy a day" (an old Jud Strunk song that causes me to "tear up" all the time). Looks are not all that important, as I believe a woman's true beauty lies within her heart. People have told me I have a very outgoing personality... but I guess you'd have to judge that for yourself. Oh yeah... I also like to have fun! I'll be looking to hear from you! Or maybe even an unmarried sister... or the divorced lady from next door... or... or..."

Ya know... I'm gonna be putting the Foxster on "ignore..."


  1. You sound likes a nice guy. I dont know why the foxster is picking on you. May be my mom mite be intersted in you.

  2. Thank you for your comments, and I appreciate your concern. Um... how old is your mom?

  3. I don't remember where I read this but it's relevant: " You might loose a diamond while being busy looking for stones". Maybe she's right under your nose. Look again around you.

  4. DUTA, I appreciate your words of encouragement. Believe me... at MY age, the last things I WANT are stones! And I DID look under my nose... but I really don't want to date my mustache!

  5. Hi Skip. Can I call you Skip? I'm Darlene and I live in Provo, Utah. You sound like a fun and cool guy. Can I send you an email?

  6. Hmmm... two anonymous replies. Is that you, Foxster???

  7. Man, that video is downright painful! Ouch! Did you catch all the mullets in there? and what's with the guy with the Viking get-up?

    As ofr your own dating dilemma, I have one word for you - laundromat. I'm serious, there are some really available babes hanging out in them!

  8. Thanks for the laugh ("..don' want to date my moustache").

    Perhaps you should try Facebook - you'll get lots of women's photos and details - from which to choose the right one, so I'm told.

  9. Skip, you have the one thing that any woman with two brain cells to rub together should put at the very top of her list: a sense of humor.

    And being a Democrat can't hurt, either. ;o)

  10. *ahem*

    Those quotes from "the Foxster" -- I HATE when you call me that! -- are not from me at all! Did you really think you'd get away with this?!?

    And did you forget, I have my own blog?

  11. In a words of a United States Senator... "YOU LIE!!!"

  12. My gentle readers... I can't believe the lies he's spreading about my good name!!! I'm calling 9-1-1. I think I'm having a heart attac.........................

  13. Okay, are the anonymous comments from Mr. Fox?

  14. @Megan: Dynamite profile pic.

    @Willow: Seriously, the "anonymous" comments are not from me. I would never hide behind a mask of anonymity. A Zorro mask, maybe...

  15. Because of his need to control every minute of my waking day, his abusiveness, and that he always "channel surfs" on our expensive Plasma TV, I have filed for separation, and a restraining order against "The Foxster."
    I have also taken joint custody of our "SnL Site."