Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving Willow Manor

After a wonderful evening of festivities, and the opportunity to dance and talk with so many beautiful ladies, it is now time for The Silver Fox and I to say "adieu," and to depart from Willow Manor International Airport.
"Cammie" was finally caught, and charged with auto theft. She is being held without bond in the Willow Manor Penetentary. Her "accomplice" escaped through the woods with no pants, and is still being sought by local authorities, and lonely spinsters.

The Silver Fox got his prized 1963 Corvette back in good shape.

And, our passengers thoroughly enjoyed the "surprise ride" above the clouds on "SnL One," last night (plus the complimentary Filet Mignon and Maine Lobster.) The "Foxster" and I also enjoyed our female companionship (who will remain nameless) when on a spur-of-the-moment thing, we all decided to join the "mile high club."
Now... we depart (with our new girlfriends, who will remain nameless, but they get along like sisters, and keep bringing us food on the flight deck.) Next stop... VEGAS, BABY!!!
Hmmm, The "Foxster" wants to attempt some of the flying himself. Too bad, he doesn't have his pilot's license.
"Hey, Foxster! MY girlfriend's prettier than YOUR girlfriend!"
I just LOVE to piss him off!
Ladies and gentlemen, Mister Bobby Darin!

Hmmm... why is it every time I start this dang plane, music starts playing?

David asks, "So who DID you wind up with?" I'm afraid my lips are sealed.

But, I always DID love a happy ending!!!


  1. My darlin' Irish boy!! Sigh.

    (so are you Sean here or Darby?)

  2. Um, Bond, James Bond, for me.

    But it's got a catchy tune!

  3. You are so charming, darling. It was such a pleasure to whirl around the dance floor with you. I do hope you made it home alright... hmmm, you might want to take flying lessons...

  4. Thank you Nancy, it was a pleasure here also. And you are so right about the flying lessons! As you correctly noticed, I had calculated my V speeds, to correspond to a fully laden plane. However, in this case it was for all intents and purposes, "empty." So, my VR speed was higher than it should have been with flaps 15, as I was on a very short runway (3,500 feet, LOL!) What I should have done was rotate at 115 knots and maintain a V2 of 122 knots, at a climb rate of 2000 fpm, maintaining under 250 knots to an altitude of 10,000 for noise abatement procedures. I probably could have also carried less of a fuel load, also. You have a sharp eye!

  5. So lovely to have met you this evening at the ball. Next year, if promise ot skip the physics lesson, I promise not to overly indulge in the Champagne so that I might have more time to get to exchange stories of other great adventures.
    Cheers to next year!
    D. of L.

  6. Now that is some way to take your leave.

  7. Hi Skip, thanks for the flight last night, really enjoyed it, thought I missed that last bit..ah well, I'm probably too old for that anyway.
    Re the hair of the dog, now that it's the morning after the night before, come on over any time and I'll fix you the best Irish Coffee you've ever had!

  8. Thanks Skip for being so much fun at Willow's Manor Ball... see you next year...if not before - Lady Hemingway - (the tall english one).