Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our First Try at Producing a TV Series

Some of you may have heard of our disastrous attempt at producing our first TV series. On paper, it looked pretty good. We were going to update that classic detective show, "Peter Gunn." We figured it couldn't miss! After all, it had a sexy private eye, film noir elements, a jazzy background score (literally)... We figured the viewing audience would love it! So we got the green light from one of the networks, and went ahead casting the pivotal role of our lead character.

Unfortunately, virtually every A-List actor refused us at this early point in our careers, long before we found the fame and success we now enjoy, except for a "certain actor" (whom we're not going to name here) who said he could only work two days a week. Then, he kept giving us story ideas to make the title character more "relevant." He said, "Dudes, I really can't get into this guy's brain. What if we give him, like, a drug problem? Then he goes out and fights crime. And can we give him, like, a costume? And call him... 'Gunn-Man,' or something?"

The network, unfortunately, sided with our "star" -- except for the new title, thankfully -- and this is what aired during the second week in September. The show was cancelled before the first commercial break, and we were told we would never work in Hollywood again.

"Or anywhere else, probably," a network exec added.


  1. What the hell, the drug problem was their idea! And they're blaming you? What's wrong with this picture?

    Heh, heh! You can always do what Joss Whedon did. Fox axed the Firefly series before the end of the first and only season, despite a huge and very vocal fan base (when word got out that Fox was dropping the series, the fans got together and bought an ad in the New York Times saying, basically "Bad move, Fox!"). So what did Joss do? He got the cast and crew back together and made a highly successful movie. So maybe you need to talk to Ben and try to take it to the big screen.

  2. Roy:

    1. "And they're blaming you?" Sure. When it doesn't work, it's your fault. If it does work, it's to their credit, because it was their idea!

    2. Joss Whedon? Oh, yeah, she's got a great voice, and what a doll! Oh, wait, that's Joss Stone. Never mind.

    3. Not Ben. Not again. Never again. [whimpering] Please, no.