Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ha ha! I contacted Bernie, my attorney, and he said that "in the case of a divorce, or a partnership dissolution, each partner in said matter as listed above, do hereby and forthwith, share in whatever property is jointly held at the time, including but not limited to children, or any other type of evil spawn. Novus ordo seclorem."
In other words... I'm taking MY half of this site, and moving it to Alabama!!!


  1. Wait! I thought you were already in Alabama!

    And watch it with the obscure Dave Frishberg references. You know there were only 3 of us who ever listened to him!

  2. @Roy: Skip is in Alabama. How he plans to take "[his] half of this site" there is beyond me. (Hm. Maybe I should check out the blog itself...)

  3. So, what the heck happened? I go out of town for a few days and everything falls apart.

  4. [edited] For the sad, sad story, Ronda, click on the "this post" link first, and the "incriminating photos" link second on my follow-up blog, "What Is This, a Freakin' Divorce?".