Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Is This, a Freakin' Divorce? ~~ A Theme Thursday Halloween Post... almost.

Oh, good grief!

Hi, friends. David M. Lynch here, flying solo for a change...

This was supposed to be a Halloween post for Theme Thursday. Skip and I started drafting an appropriate post -- still unfinished, sad to say -- a few days ago. But now, the only connection -- tenuous at best, admittedly -- that today's post has to Halloween is that my opening quote, "Oh, good grief!" is reminiscent of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

Let me explain:

First, Skip posted an otherwise-inoffensive entry on his usually-excellent mediocre site, Skip's Stuff. In it, he was touchingly and humorously pathetically asking for female companionship. However, in this post, he also claimed that some totally made-up dialogue was mine.

Inexcusable, thought I. He could have asked for a bona fide "special guest appearance" from Ye Olde Silver Fox, right? I mean, he has my home phone number -- well, "had," as I changed it earlier today -- and never hesitated to call before, drunk & whining about his romantic failures at 4-freakin'-a.m.!

Not to mention, he keeps calling me "Foxster." But I digress...

Still... Okay, okay, maybe -- maybe -- I overreacted, just a tad. I posted some incriminating photos of Skip, which I've had for over twenty-five years, on my The Lair of the Silver Fox blog. He quite reasonably childishly took umbrage at said photos, and... and...

And then, after reading some comments which seemed boastful at best, I cautiously visited this site, formerly known as "Simpson/Lynch Studios," and found our new header(s) -- shown above -- courtesy of the Skipster himself. This, after all the times we've shared great personal bonding experiences I've put up with him, and been inspired by his creative ideas "carried" him during our joint efforts?!?

I suppose he's forgotten what it means to tick off an Irish Scorpio!

Or, to put it more succinctly...

Hey, wait a minute! Speaking of "flying solo," as I did when I began this post...

Skip's got custody of the freakin' plane!

Umm... Anyway... Happy Halloween, y'all.


  1. ha..its like they started the vid with the idea of claymation and figured out it was going to be hard and switched..ha the witches noses twitch...i guess the honeymoon is over? smiles.

  2. @Brian: Looks like...

    @Betsy: He likes being called Skipster. I hate being called Foxster.

    Having said that, I'd probably let you get away with calling me that...

  3. Hmmm... You posted a Danse Macabre video. Oh well, I'm posting the one I found anyhow, because it's kinda unique.

    So the Foxster/Skipster war is still raging?

  4. @Roy: "Still raging?" Yeah, you might say so. Put it this way: Ever hear the Carl Perkins tune, "Dixie Fried?" Well, just use the word "raging" the way he sings "Raaaave on, children, I'm with ya!" and you'll have a pretty good idea! ;-)

    And please don't call me Foxster!

  5. Pretty scary stuff! Just right for Halloween, actually.

  6. LOL!You two are great together!Do not divorce!:P

  7. Like the video!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. watchin and waiting for the details in your never-ending story of partnership gone wrong,lol. Happy TT

  9. Is it wrong that I am hoping you guys don't make up anytime soon? ;)

  10. @AngelMay: Wink? Wink? Vas ist das wink?

    @Megan: Gee, why would you say that?

  11. Popular piece of music today.

    I think it's very nice you wrote two blog posts today, no matter the reason.