Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After The Match

A few days after the match wherein "The Foxster" saved me from certain doom, I wish I could say life is like "dancing on rainbows" here at the SnL Studios.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be back with my friend and writing partner! We've spent the last few days having a lot of beers drinking coffee, and talking about future projects, such as the building of a theme park called "S&M Land!" I mean, "SnL Land!" (I'm sorry, gentle readers, but since I was hit with that guitar, I tend to be more confused than usual, and I'm getting frequent headaches.)

Our Boeing 777-232 is back, however the engines are shot, due to the inexperienced piloting of a certain... *cough*... Foxster...

We have not heard from Kato since Sunday, when he mysteriously disappeared from ringside. However, I did get a puzzling phone call last night, from a voice that sounded strangely like Bruno Drake, the British-born president and founder of our wrestling federation, the WTF. All the caller said was, "Your fried rice is safe with me," then he hung up. I wonder if there's a connection??? I'll have to give my contacts over at MI6 a buzz, and see if they know anything.

The Perky Tara King is staying across town at a Motel 6, with Orson the Cat keeping her company, because I refuse to let her back in the studio! My personal assistant, Gretchen, keeps trying to tell me something, but with my extremely limited knowledge of German, I can't understand her.

Well, I really need to have Kato back here, because he really is one helluva cook, and a bodyguard! And he is also an "encyclopedia of knowledge" regarding comic books, old movies, and science fiction! Much like The Foxster, whom Kato despises.

Now I'm going to relax, and listen to my Dizzy Gillespie album.



  1. S&M Land...can I work there? Sounds like a nifty theme park. I can see the movie now. Kinda like a kinky version of West World. If I see Kato, I'll tell him you're lookin' for him.

  2. SnL Land! SnL Land!!! It was a slip of the tongue!!! And, if you DO see Kato... please send him home!

  3. Sometimes, reading about your complicated lives and relationships, I get a headache. Need to listen to Dizzy myself.

  4. I thought Kato was a girl,ah nevermind..I will diffuse the picture in France,you never know..

  5. at least you know your fried rice is safe...lol.

  6. hope you both had a great thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you Brian! We're very thankful to have such loyal readers, such as yourself!