Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Hope I Don't Show Up Late...

I have to wrestle... WHO???

I still can't believe this! As "Hulk Foxster," or whatever he's calling himself these days, said, BEFORE they allow me to wrestle him... I have to accept the challenge from THIS Elvis-wannabe clown!!! Now I KNOW why they call it the "WTF!"

My dedicated personal assistant Gretchen, has decided to put on a brunette wig, and start calling herself "The Lovely Elizabeth 2" so she can be "close" to me, which is weird, since "The Lovely Elizabeth 1" ("given" to me by the WTF) was my former personal assistant! We had a great thing going, until she accepted an invitation to become The Foxster's "manager."

Meanwhile I have to wrestle under the name "Macho Man Randy Savage," while "The Foxster" has to use the name "Hulk Hogan."

Naturally, I'm a little PO'd about this, I'm cool with it, as this video demonstrates, when I accept his challenge!!!

The Sunday event will be on video... right here! Whether you're rooting for "The Foxster" or "The Skipster," please drop by and show your support.

Thanks for your time!

(Gawd... I'm doing it AGAIN!)


  1. 去的Skipster赢取! 然后他打了Foxster!

  2. Ich bete das Skipster, Schaden NICHT zu erhalten!

  3. The Perky Tara KingNovember 18, 2009 at 9:33 PM

    Gretchen, denken Sie daran, was ich gesagt!

  4. I'm on the side of Macho Man's undies, I mean Macho Man.

  5. I will be in the corner of the winner.

  6. HAHAHA!I don't have to tell you what side I'm on!
    There's going to be blood!
    And it's easier to traduce Gretchen and the other one..but..Kato,I need to use another traductor!I mean english is international,right?Right?!Nevermind!;)

  7. Oh, now how could I possibly pick just one of you? ;)

  8. I will try not to be late. Besides, I want to see who's coat Alan will be holding. ;o)

  9. whose coat?
    who's coat?
    Neither looks correct this morning. HUGE wind here last night - lost power TWICE - missed my TV shows - porch chairs blew all over the yard - porch swing was knocked over - and I spent the evening cowering under the covers with my beloved cat. I'm surprised I can think at all.

  10. Thank you Ronda. My undies like you too. ;)

  11. Alan: I like your loyalty!
    Candie: Well, at least Ronda's on my side!
    Betsy: It's easy. Just say "Knock the sox off the Fox!"
    Angel: Hope to see you ringside. I'm glad you made it through that weather!

  12. Hey Foxster! If you're reading this, when we have our match on Thanksgiving Day, instead of them announcing you as Hulk Hogan, maybe I'll bribe the announcer into calling you Hulk FOXSTER!!! Bwahahaha!