Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Night Dinner At The Hotel Jerome

Gretchen and I have arrived at the fabulous Hotel Jerome! This is what greeted our eyes and ears on first arriving...

Gretchen smiled and said, "Joseph Haydn. Streichquartett Opus eine Nummer zwei."

Great! I always liked that selection... now I know what it is! I can already tell that this is going to be fabulous! If there's one thing I love in the world, it's fine dining with classical music playing softly in the background!

I think, she wanted me to tell the ladies, that tonight she's wearing Amani. Gee, that's funny! I thought it was a dress! Ha ha...

(Skip quickly shuts up, when he sees Rebecca giving him a dirty look. Gretchen tugs at Skip's sleeve.)

Oops... I think Gretchen wants to say something...

(Gretchen in a soft, shy voice...)

"Vielen Dank für mich einladen. Du bist sehr nett."

(She smiles at everyone, and holds up one of her little flashcards that she uses to communicate.)

Um, I think that means she's happy to be here!

(Gretchen holds up another card.)

What? You want to go see "Cinderella???" Ohhhh.... you feel like Cinderella! She loves that movie! She cries every time she sees it, back at "Simpson/Lynch Studios" in Alabama! I think Gretchen still believes in fairy tales...

(Gretchen quickly unwraps a box she's been holding, and smiling nervously, gently hands a long-stemmed yellow rose to each one of the ladies.)

"Für dich..."

Well... isn't that sweet! If I recall, I think a yellow rose means "friendship." Either that, or she thinks we're in Texas! Ha ha...

(With another dirty look from Rebecca, Skip shuts up again, and looks down at his feet. Gretchen produces a large black box from her red shopping bag, and hands it to Skip.)

Ahem... well, we've also brought along a "little something" that I've been saving, for just such an occasion...

So, let the dining begin!


  1. I think I spy Rebecca by the fireplace. We're going over to introduce ourselves.

  2. Oh, my...Lovely ...By all means, break open the bubbly...

    Oh, what is that noise? Is it just me or does anyone else hear the sound of Oompa music? Where is that coming from?

    Skip, is Gretchen OK. She's motioning frantically at the window. Does she know that man with the green shorts and strange suspenders? He looks like Chevy Chase at Oktoberfest in European vacation.

  3. Heh heh... (breaking open the bubbly) pay no attention to that man behind the curtains! Excuse me, for a sec... (disappears outside).

  4. Good evening! Are we fashionably late? The sleigh is a bit slower than the limo.

    It's gorgeous in here. But that music! Oy!

  5. (Returning from outside) Ahhh, Miss Willow! Allow me to introduce my personal assistant, Miss Gretchen Von Gruber...

  6. Good evening, Gretchen. I've heard SO much about you and your um... musical family!

  7. (Skip holds up a flash card to Gretchen showing a picture of her damn family, points at Willow and nods his head. Gretchen smiles at Willow.)
    "Ja. Danke."

  8. (Having been seated, Skip looks at the menu.) Hmmm... Prime Rib! (Holds up a picture of a cow for Gretchen, and says "Yum yum!" Gretchen nods her head in agreement. Skip orders.) Alright, we'll have two Prime Ribs, the 12 ounce cut, medium rare, and two Shrimp Cocktails. Oh... and two Vodka Martinis, shaken with a twist beforehand. Thank You.

  9. Fabulous selection there Skip. I think I'll try the lamb with rosemary, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Thank you for the lovely yellow rose, Gretchen.

    Skip, did she understand me, she looks a wee bit confused?

    Oh, I hear the lovely classical music has returned. Beautiful:-)

    Ah, I see Willow and her handsome date have arrived. Wonderful..Now, we're missing Bach and Lady Cat...I suspect they may be held up in traffic..The last I heard from our host, he was having some gooseberry issues in the kitchen...

  10. (Skip points to Rebecca's yellow rose and nods his head.) "Danke."
    "Ahhh. Bitte!"
    Gretchen says "You're welcome."

  11. Oh Gretchen! So lovely to meet you! And thank you for the lovely rose...what a sweet touch! Love the Amani, look radiant in it!

    Skip (whispering) She's lucky dog, you! I'll take another glass of that bubbly, please!

  12. I think I'll have the salmon with a glass of chardonnay. Yuri will have the same, except with a vodka.

    Ah, I'm glad Gretchen's family decided to calm down with the oompah-pahs.

    Hey, where's The Bach, LadyCat and Betsy? This is almost a family affair here...heehee.

  13. (pouring a glass for Betsy) Here you go, dear...

  14. Just to let you all know... Gretchen is my personal assistant, and we have a "professional" relationship.
    Personally, I think she's a little nervous about tomorrow. This is all overwhelming for her.

  15. Willow, I'm glad you brought Yuri tonight. What I need to find, is the letter he wrote to Tonya describing Lara, when they were working in that battlefield hospital.

  16. If you come across it, please e-mail it to me. I'd like to use portions of it, in something I'm working on.

  17. Well... the Prime Rib was "fork tender," as they say. So, with your indulgence, we shall be taking leave of you all, as we have a busy day tomorrow. Rebecca, nice meeting you, Willow, Yuri... nice to see you both.
    (Gretchen says, "Gute Nacht," and gives a little bye-bye wave.)

  18. Oh dear, so much much hilarity. I wish I hadn't missed it!! Oh my gosh, the flash cards, had me literally breaking out with laughter and tears rolling down. You are so funny, or perhaps it's Gretchen that is funny, what can i say?!

    Well, as you can read from Rebecca's I had the most nusiant time. got stuck in my own lodge. Frozen doors and all. Well, that and then some...but you can read about it all over there. I left a note for everyone.

    Skip, I can only imagine what kind of toast you;ll give tomorrow. I'll be sure to give it a good here, here! and shout out!

  19. OMG!Lol!But I didn't know you had such fine(posh)tastes..oh just give me the wine!;)

  20. I feel like a fly on the wall crashing the tea party. Hope you don't mind, the posts are great!

  21. Wow, Skip, Gretchen looks stunning in those photos you've posted. I so wish I could have attended Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea. But... isn't it about time you gave the little dear an "upgrade" to something a bit more than her current "personal assistant" status? You know what I mean. She's obviously ga-ga over you, and I know you're jealous over what I've found with the perky Tara King... (That part about your being jealous is a joke, old buddy. Well, kinda.)

  22. Beautiful place. And it sounds like quite an adventure! ;)

  23. @Kat: Ssshhh! Don't scare the poor guy!

  24. There... isn't... going... to be... any... WEDDING!!!

  25. Skip, I had room at Hotel Jerome...what a lovely comfy place!

  26. I'm sure it was better than "Bob's Pretty Good Inn."