Monday, November 23, 2009

Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea Arrival In Aspen!

My devoted personal assistant, Gretchen and I (plus her entire freakin' family, who wants her to marry me) arrived a few days early for "Mister Toast's First Annual Christmas Tea," so we could get in some sightseeing.

A few days ago, Gretchen's "Uncle Kris Von Grüber," (the only one that can speak any English) approached me and said the family band wanted to play music outside at the party, for the enjoyment of the guests. He said, "We like Herr Skipster. We want to make his friends, our friends!"

I tried to tell him it was a "Christmas Tea," and not "Oktoberfest," but he wouldn't listen! He said the family had already purchased all the airline tickets, including Gretchen and myself!!!

To make a long story short...

Here's our plane landing in Aspen.

Gretchen's damn family "entertained" all the passengers on board, with that damn German "Oompah Music" for the entire trip! Here's a sample of what I had to sit through for three and one-half hours!

At the hotel, Uncle Kris Von Grüber slipped me $500 and whispered, "Take our Gretchen to a real nice meal."

Here's Gretchen and I in front of the fine restaurant we dined in. Her family went off in search of the local Lutheran Church. I dearly hope it's not to discuss a wedding!

Here's Gretchen making like a "snow bunny" outside our hotel. She can be adorable, when she wants to be...

And... here's a short video, with Gretchen's family giving a free charity performance (to raise money for a shelter for battered women, no less,) at the Lutheran Church Hall, which is all they wanted to do. For the time being anyway...

I later heard that they raised over five thousand dollars that night! I must admit. I was impressed! It's getting harder to dislike this bunch!

Gretchen, The "Kris Von Grüber Happy Oompah Band," and yours truly "The Skipster," will see you at the Tea Party, on December First!



  1. Skip, I LOVE that music, and I envy you being in Aspen.Would Gretchen's family like me to join their band?

  2. Mimi, I have a BETTER idea! I'll send Gretchen's family to live with YOU!!!

  3. Hmmm, drinking tea to the Oompah thats a vision I hadn't thought of before! :)

  4. lol,so basically they invited themselves to the party!Did you tell the host about it?And you know that if you marry the girl,you marry her uncle too..and that is not so cool..doing the traduction between the two of you..yeap not so cool!;)

  5. Betsy: Just don't go outside. And whatever you do... DON'T make eye contact with ANY of them!
    Brian: Thank you sir! I like yours, too!
    Candie: Well, the Scots side of me justified the fact, that they DID pay for the tickets...

  6. Ronda, we actually started with Martinis, made with three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, and half a measure of Kina Lillet, shaken very well until ice cold, with a large thin slice of lemon peel. Then, we both dined on Bibb Lettuce Salad, Cold Columbia River Salmon En Bellevue, and Roast Sirloin Of Beef Bordelaise, accompanied by a 2005 bottle of Beausejour Becot (a magnificent year). Thanks for asking, though! ;)

  7. Skip, first off, this is hilarious. Waht a trip. 3 hours of that music?! Well, on of the first thigns I am gogin to ask is in fact hwo peeps got to my tea adn you;ve already ansered it in part. i wonder how the rest of it up to Aspn will be?! LOl.

    BTW, can you arrange me a flight to Aspen for the Tea? i know you've got connections with pilots and such. Gretchen is gorgeous, btw, too! Love here braids.

    Thanks for the write up too. I've added you to the extra promoters on my blog sidebar list. Thanks you so much. I'm delighted you will come and make it very fun indeed. Definitely not too staid a tea with Skip around! now, about the music, keep it away from German oompah if at all possible. It is an English classical tea after all, nto German! Ha.

  8. ...mmm...: Wish I could give you a lift to Aspen, but it seems my private jet is out of commission. We all had to fly United.

  9. Skip, what wonderful news that you have arrived in Aspen already! Many of us are not far behind you. My flight leaves this afternoon and I am looking forward to settling in my cozy, little cabin for the next week. Ahhh. Luxury!

    Looking forward to mingling with you and many others for Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea.

  10. Lizzie, looking forward to it also, and Gretchen would really love to meet you. (She doesn't really speak English all that well.)

  11. ...mmm...: By the way, I hope you don't mind, but we've brought along a case of fine (and expensive) California champagne for the holiday toast, later in the evening.

  12. Oh fantastic, I will be sure to mention it when we raise our glasses after the Tea, during the post tea reception. Being that I am Mr. Toast OF COURSE I have already planned a few toasts. Perhaps you would like to lead us in one too when we break out your incredible champagne?

    Anyway, be sure to check back to my blog today as i am giving you a shout out in today's post, in anticipation of the Tea. You certainly know how to build up the anticipation. thank you very much, kind sir.

    ...oh, I do hope you can arrange to have one of your pilot buddies pick me up along the front range and drop me off at Aspen's airport tonight?

    P.S. As for your cohorts, I'm afraid that those tickets aren't genuine. I will have to put them off in to their own corner where they can play their music to their heart's content!

  13. ...mmm..., actually I'm planning to locate them far away in the back yard!

  14. Oh how awfully accomodating.

    BTw, I moved up your last comment on my justt published post as it ties in so perfectly. Thank you. Now, will you be wearing a bow tie and tails or something else? And, will Gretchen be warm enough, do you think?!

  15. I hope someone brings a nice cozy coat for Gretchen..I'm worried she'll be too cold all the way up there in Aspen and all.....

    Our flight is scheduled to take off this afternoon at 4. Bags are packed and at the glad we don't have to go commercial..with all those leftover Thanksgiving's just too much...

    Can't wait to see everybody..and I can't wait to hear the music....

  16. I appreciate y'alls concern for Gretchen's warmth, but I'm sure she'll be fine. After all, she grew up in the mountains of Germany! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  17. Skipster,
    Sounds like we are all in for some festive fun. Looking forward to meeting you and Gretchen along with all the others. LadyCat and I will be arriving Monday. Rebecca has invited us to dine with her on Monday evening. I sure you are more than welcome. Has Mr. Toast appointed you as the entertainment committee? If so, I know we are all in for some fantastic festive fun. Also, the after tea treats and wine we do us good there in those Aspen mountains.
    The Bach

  18. Gretchen and I would be honored to attend dinner with you! As far as the "Entertainment Committee," I'll be happy to play a jazz tune on the piano, and Gretchen is cooking up some sort of "surprise," but that's all we have planned, so far.

  19. Hey...just arrived in Aspen by train. See you in a bit for dinner! Can you break out one bottle of bubbly early? :)

    How funny that my word verification here is krazi. Yep...that's you! :P

  20. Hello there Skip...I'm enjoying a nice hot cuppa Earl Grey before heading back to the hotel to rest before dinner. This time change is taking a bit of getting used to for an EST girl:)

    Hotel Jerome's restaurant looks to be perfect, and there is a lovely fireplace that our table is next to so Gretchen should be nice and warm!

  21. Hey, are they going to have accordians, too? I love a good polka. Oompah-pah...Oompah-pah!!
    (wonder if Mr. Toast has a dance floor? oh, but your foot! Darn.)

  22. oops, I guess you spell that accordions, but you knew what I meant ;^)

  23. Willow... trust me on this one. I've told the "Kris Von Grüber Happy Oompah Band" to play in the back yard. WAYYY in the back yard!

  24. Oh Skip you are too funny. Well, I just had to crack up reading you doing flash cards with Gretchen! Poor young thing.

    Well, tell Willow, a the the dinner that there is some room around the piano for those who care to slow dance after the Tea at the post tea reception. That's when we'll do mulled wine too.

    Well, gotta go, someone pu ta bit too much brandy in that one pudding. Still, i have plenty more to prepare.

    now, is that the band practicing in the distance? how do you handle it all? Gretchen must be something else to put up with so much.

  25. Actually, Gretchen and I have a strictly professional "Employer/Employee Relationship."
    And right now, we're starving!

  26. Okay... we just found out that dinner is at 7:30 MST.

  27. Oh you're supposed to be there for tea and you're already pissed!