Saturday, November 7, 2009

My New "Family" Group

(Front row L-R: The Skipster, Gretchen Von Gruber, Orson The Cat)
(Back row L-R: Tara King, Kato, Paris Hilton)

Now that "Simpson/Lynch Studios" is just "Simpson Studio," I had to hire some additional staff to keep up with the workload. You have no idea how everything is piling up, gentle readers!

First of all, I have no idea how I'd manage, without the able help of my "personal assistant," Gretchen. No matter what position I put her in, she enthusiastically assumes it, and outperforms consistently!

Then, there's my cook/houseboy/bodyguard Kato. Besides showing a fierce devotion to me, he is a sneaky little rascal. You NEVER know what he's going to show up with! Ahh, that little scamp! Always making me laugh! Hahaha!

Finally, there's Tara King, my college intern. She's a perky little bundle of energy, that lights up the studio with her radiant smile, and bright yellow miniskirts! She is always willing to learn new techniques, which she dutifully records in her journal while relaxing in my hot tub!

I have no idea what Paris Hilton was doing in the picture! Presumably, she heard there was going to be a photo shoot at my place, and just automatically showed up...

In short, my gentle readers, The Foxster may be gone... but let me assure you, that the great work of "The Simpson Studio" will continue for decades to come!

To witness the steady decline, of a man who could once walk the streets at night, with his head held high, visit here


  1. I love the Sims, and this post.
    "I have no idea what Paris Hilton was doing in the picture!"
    Got quite a laugh when I read that! Thank you for that, and for sharing this post. It is a definite fav.

  2. Thanks Liza! Glad you enjoyed it! When you have the last name of "SIMpson," you know I HAVE to use the Sims! (hears collective groan from gentle readers.)

  3. Paris Hilton! What a camera ho! ;o)

  4. "My New Family Group."

    "MY... Family?"

    MY CAT, you sonofa...!!!!!

    By the way -- our personal differences aside -- Orson looks hungry. (So does Paris, by the way.) Better feed him. I warned you about that.

  5. And another thing: What's this about telling people how I "could once walk the streets at night?" Damnit, man, is nothing sacred?

  6. Better take a valium there, Foxster! Orson seems to like the attention he gets from Gretchen and my perky intern, Tara King! Later on, the lovely Ms. King is having her portrait painted by me, then we're all going to head out to the WTF Gym so I can work out for our scheduled match.

  7. The cat is stealing the show from all of you. So cute, so photogenic!

  8. Does Gretchen want to go out with me? lol

  9. Gee, Skip, I couldn't take my eyes off the new buff you!

  10. What a charming family you have. (And I thought I was eccentric taking a dog on a virtual walk from one side of America to the other!)

  11. Thank you all for your responses, my gentle readers! I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of The Foxster however! I can picture him with those "beady little eyes," planning his next move!

  12. But you're well able for him.

  13. i'm waiting for the Simpson/Lynch reunion tour.

    better keep Gretchen on the couch...if she stands up she might topple over forward.