Sunday, November 8, 2009

Studio Vandalized!!!

From The Desk Of
Skip Simpson

Gentle readers... tonight "The Simpson Studio" was vandalized, by none other than the "Foxster" himself, presumably looking for Orson the Cat!

The evening started out innocently enough, when I gathered my entourage, (including hanger-on Paris Hilton, but except for Kato who wanted to stay home and watch "Star Wars" for the nine-thousandth time) and headed down to the WTF Gym, to work out for my upcoming wrestling match.

I also brought Orson with us, because... well, because Kato keeps wanting to eat him.

After about an hour, my perky intern, Tara King, said she had to head back to the studio, because all those sweaty men at the gym were making her "too hot."

When my lovely personal assistant Gretchen and I later arrived, we were shocked to discover two of my prized paintings had crude mustaches drawn on them!

It was a good thing Kato was there, because he confronted the Foxster, before any further damage was done! The bearded vandal ran out of the house, nearly colliding with poor, perky Tara King, who had just arrived home. He finally escaped.

All the surveillance pictures you see were taken with my expensive video monitoring system ($399 from Wal-Mart).

My defaced portrait!

The defaced portrait of my perky intern, Tara King!

Caught in the act, by the ever-vigilant Kato!

Brave, perky little Tara King confronts the vandal!

Poor, perky Tara King was so unnerved, all she can talk about is the Foxster, and how she can't get him out of her mind!


  1. P-O-O-R Tara! She is so traumatized by the Foxster.

  2. That's the effect he does actually!^^

  3. Now a joke is a joke but vandalism is going a bit too far. Such a wonderful picture too. You should shoot that cat. Have I got that right, it was the cat wasn't it. You know how confused I tend to get.

  4. Ich will weiter mit mir mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmen!

  5. Crude mustaches? I thought they were pretty good! I need a Kato.

  6. he has that affect on everybody, even straight men. Help us!

    Is Kato part Alf?