Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leaving Mr. Toast's First Annual Christmas Tea

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we must take our leave and return to Alabama, and "Simpson/Lynch Studios!" Thank you Mr. Toast!

Gretchen and I had a marvelous time, and we hope to be back again next year!

This morning, Gretchen's "Oompah Band Family," surprised me yet again, when they presented me with this outfit, and insisted I put it on!

At least, I was able to talk the Captain into letting me fly the Delta CRJ-700 out of Aspen, after I presented my credentials. The mountains sure are pretty!

I really miss flying my private Boeing 777-232ER! Hopefully, I'll get it back really soon!

(And yes, the first male voice you'll hear is mine, talking to the tower, and making the deparure announcement.)

Oh boy! Here we go, for another three-and-a-half hours!!!

Have a great Holiday Season, everyone!


  1. That was so the ommpah music...

    Sad to see the Christmas Party at Mr. Toast's end...I had such a great time..

    Did Gretchen stay warm enough in Aspen?

  2. Thank you for worrying about Gretchen. She says, "Thank you." (She's trying to learn English.) She was pretty warm, when her and Alan became drinking buddies!

  3. Thank you for becoming a follower...just know I am not daily posting type girl...but I do love this and it is a sort of keyboard therapy and just plain fun activity for me. I love your humor...and religion....
    "Eternal salvation or triple your money back!" I am going to ask my priest if he thinks it could work in the Episcopal church!!! Sounds good to me!

  4. Thanks so much for the loan of Gretchen, she is a very beautiful person and so willing to help her fellow human beings. And thanks for all the laughs yesterday Skip.

  5. Thank you FireLight. Hope to see you in here more often!
    Alan, Gretchen thinks you're a hoot and her new "best drinking buddy." She can't stop talking about you!

  6. Skip, oh my goodness, can that be any more funny?! Seriously. I laughed so hard when I heard the oompah music break in just after take off! Oh no! 3 more hours! And, wel, I'm hoping you AT LEAST got to wear a pilot outfit instead of that costume so generously provided to you by your German fan club! How clever of you to film the take off from colorado too!

    We need to know every now and then how Gretchen fares. Will she make it all the way through to next year or will it be someone else at next year's Tea party, let alone Willow's ball? Hmmm...

    BTW, I did enjoy your side bar items. How very amusing.

    One more toast to you kind sir! (pours out the last of the mulled wine, missing the cup completely!)

  7. If anyone wants to know about Gretchen, and our future adventures, please feel free to visit us at:

    ...or easier yet, click on the "Simpson/Lynch Studos" thingie under Gretchen's picture on the sidebar, and whoosh! You'll be there in a second!
    There's some very interesting developments going on RIGHT NOW!

  8. Ah, At what point did the members of the Oompah band discover that they had been cornering Jessica Simpson instead of Gretchen?..teehee.....Seeing her with Alan must have dashed all their hopes to gain you as a son-in-law, or at least until they can come up with something else:).....Glad Gretchen is learning English and had such a great time. She was a real charmer with the yellow roses.I'm pressing mine in a copy of Wuthering Heights that I was reading on the train..Yes, she was a treat, and you, dear Skip, were the life of the party, not including our wonderful host, of course...

  9. The Oompah band outfit was just too hilarious, not that you didn't look splendid.

  10. I busted out laughing at the outfit. I was like, "no way!". hahaha. :) You really did it again. And I loved your flight video. So, that's your voice, ey? :D

  11. I had to come and visit after meeting you at Mr Toast's fabulous Christmas Tea.

    What could have been a better start to my day? Seeing you in your new lederhosen! I am still laughing. All you need to do now, if you don't know how to already. is to learn the Bavarian clapping Dance!!!!

  12. Lizzie... that's my voice!

    Bee: Thank you for visiting and signing up! Um... that dance is only to be performed at weddings, which right now, is NOT in my future!

  13. Happy holiday season to you too!Was nice meeting you and learn some german!:)

  14. @Lizzie: That's one of his voices...

    @Skip: Ahhh, "Ach Du LIeber, Augustine," wasn't it? Reminds me of the Lithuanian polka 78 rpms my mom used to own.

  15. Candie: Thank you.

    SF: "Right on the noserino, my friend! Now, where do we send the prize money to, Roland?"