Monday, December 7, 2009

"Special Guest Post" by Tara King!

Hey, everyone! I'm waving atcha! Can you see me? LOL!

Well, drop down a notch, and you can get an eyeful.

This is the one'n'only Tara King, the Simpson/Lynch Studios intern, talking to ya. I'm also gonna be the manager of the Kewl Beanz!TM coffeeshop, once we get that puppy open! (Or should that be "coffee shop," two words? Ahh, who cares, rilly?) It should go great, if I can keep the Simpson/Lynch crew (including ME, I gotta admit) from sucking down all the java and screwing up our profit margin! LOL!

I'm also the "significant other" (or "Flavor of the Day") of the dude everybody else 'round here calls The Foxster. But to me, he's always David. (Gotta add, I call him "David" and a couple of OTHER pet names, but those are private & personal, a "behind closed doors" kinda thingy, ya know?) I can say absutively posilutely that I am head over heels in LUV!

That's "in luv" with ORSON, his CAT, I mean! Who'd you think I meant, silly? (Psych!) Occasionally, mostly when David and The Skipster are tied up with so-called important writing projects, or otherwise into stuff that takes them away from the studio, I get to post instead. I hope I don't bore you to tears when I'm doing it. If I can get to be HALF as popular as my BFA and co-worker, Gretchen, has gotten, you'll make my day!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to tell you this! I ADORE a good romance novel! My bookcase is filled three deep from top to bottom with dog-eared paperbacks from this guilty pleasure of mine. Historical romance, gothic type stuff, you name it... Those little yarns get me all misty-eyed and goose-pimply! LOL! So if any of you have a recommendation for a fantastic romantic story you've recently read, please lemme know! (They're perfect to curl up with in my flannel jammies, with a nice, big cup of hot chocolate!) If I like it, I'll post it on the sidebar with a big "shout out" to you!

Now, if any of brave souls would like to learn a teeny-tiny bit MORE about me, knock yourself out and click on the "Tara King's Profile Here" link on our sidebar. However, don't be thinking you're gonna learn TOO too much. A woman has to have some secrets, ya think?

David and The Skipster say I should come up with some kinda unique sign-off, much as The Skipster has "Vootie!" and David has "Thanks for your time." Terrific. All I can come up right now is that the old Latin phrase, carpe diem, or "Seize the day." Shows that my education wasn't TOTALLY wasted, ya think? LOL! So that's how I'm gonna make my little exit, at least for today.

Carpe diem,
Tara King


  1. You're not related to Jonathan King are you by any chance? Tara for now.

  2. Romance? Ever read Thomas Hardy: Far from the Madding Crowd or Return of the Native?

  3. @Alan: Jonathan King? Ew, no sir! "Mr. Music," meaning David, told me a lot about him after I read that question. David even has an old 45 of his where King does a remake of "He's So Fine" using the musical arrangement for George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord." Pretty funny! And my few living relatives have scattered all over the world, and show up rarely.

    @FireLight: Oh, sure, I read Tom's stuff years ago, along with Dickens, Poe, Bronte, and a lot of other classic stuff. My current goofiness over what David calls "trashy" romances is a guilty pleasure. Sometimes you just wanna let your brain chill out while your heart takes over, ya know? ;-)

  4. Well,i don;t know if I can make you as popular but if you work it jsut right maybe you could get an invite from David to the xmas tea I'll have next yesr? That might help for certain--looking stunning and all.

    Do say hello to your lovely coworker, Gretchen i do hope you aren't too jealous of her. I'm sure you ahve your own strengths too, ya?

  5. I could never be jealous of Gretchen. She's my bestest, bestest friend, and I was absolutely delighted that she was such a hit with all of you bloggers. She's not only a great person, but she's a dedicated, one-man woman type (like me!), and is more of a help here at SnL Studios than anybody realizes! And I just know that once we get Kewl Beanz! off the ground, she'll be a real asset there, as well.

    And it's a real shame David couldn't make the Christmas Tea, and even tho the next one's almost a year away, I rilly rilly hope David will wanna take me along!

  6. Tara... you WILL be there, girlfriend! I will make SURE of that!

  7. Love this girl (and very jealous). Wouldn't change a thing