Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PART FOUR of the Kewl Beanz! Grand Opening: Not Mr. Toast


Kewl Beanz! approximately half an hour ago. Tara is mingling with the guests. She notices a Man in a far corner of the room. She impulsively walks toward him. We see the following conversation from the Man's point of view.

Tara (extending her hand): Hello! Are you Mister...? (pauses) No, of course you're not. Mr. Toast has a full head of... (brief pause) I'm so sorry! That was incredibly rude of me!

Man (taking her hand and clasping it firmly): Not at all. This Mister -- "Toast," is it? -- is obviously not me, so why did you think I was he?

Tara: Umm, well, frankly, he and I have wanted to meet for ages, and... you were staring at me.

Man: Terribly sorry. You're just... very striking.

Tara: Oh! Thank you. (pause) Which one of the "internet crowd" are you? You're not Barry, are you?

Man: Actually, I'm one of the Pleasantview crowd.

Tara: Oh, but they're not supposed to arrive until later.

Man: My sincerest apologies.

The Foxster suddenly comes up beside Tara. She notices him.

Tara (to Foxster): What happened to your nap?

Foxster: Couldn't sleep, so I had more coffee. Look, you need to speak to some of the staff, especially... Vickie. (Tara sighs.) She's not too thrilled with serving coffee and drinks, apparently. Then, we need to get changed. (brief pause) Have you seen the Skipster, or Gretchen?

Tara: No. I've been looking for Mister Toast.

Foxster (to Man): If you'll excuse us?

Man: Of course. Nice meeting you, Ms. King. I'll see you again.

Tara (as she and the Foxster walk away from the Man): Sure... Nice meeting you! (Tara and the Foxster exit, as the Man smiles.)


  1. Skip has been sent on his way. He should be with your shortly.

    (((Skipster making his way back down the stairs from Lizzie's room))

  2. Oh no, that slimeball even makes a tux look bad.

    I'm going to work tonight and have to leave around 11:45 pm. Someone may have to console Sean when I leave. Any volunteers?

  3. Wait Tara! you've been looking for me still? I am flattered. I see you from afar.

    Hey, that crowd round my date is dispersing. The interview is ending and I see Xena is about to arrive. Just in time as here comes Skipster. But, yes, where is Gretchen? surely all the flower shave truly goe now, haven't they? LOl.

    Ahh..well, I best accompany my date to the main events. I'll be back.

  4. (Gretchen and the Skipster make their way to one of the limos parked outside.) We'll be back later, folks. Must get dressed for dinner and all that. There are shuttles and limos right outside, in case you have to go back to the Pleasantview Country Club and "freshen up."

  5. (Looks up and laughs) Well... look who's here!!! BARRY!!! Great to see ya buddy! Glad to see you made it!

  6. Well... We still have dinner to serve, and entertainment planned, and Gretchen and Tara have some kind of surprise in store... Hope you stick around. [to Tara] Sorry about the ceiling, hon...

  7. Tara and I need to go change, too. See you soon. [to Tara] I think that went pretty well, don't you? Hope nobody leaves...

  8. Haha, but I'm already in dinner attire! Got my nice suit on and such. You know, I believe in traveling light. Well, msut dash.

    I hear that the paparazzi are heading up to Lizzie's floor to find out what all the ruckus is about.

  9. (((Lizzie's guest meets the Skipster here)))

  10. ((phone call....))

    "Tara, good. I got ahold of you. Is it correct that you want some people to sing for Skip and Dave later? Now that I am able to leave my room, I would be happy to help, as Matthew already made arrangements for a musician to accompany me.

    I can meet you in the small ballroom in an hour to complete the recording for the guests. Do you a song(s) in mind?"

  11. Great to see you Skipster! I was able to leap from the rickshaw as Xena went squealing on past. Hopefully she can bring it to a halt in a mile or so. She was really moving.

    Hey, is that Gretchen over there?

  12. [whispering] Skipster and David can't hear us, so I can tell you this: Gretchen and I have a surprise musical number we're doing for the boys after dinner. We need back-up singers only, offstage. That's all we need. Interested? Meet us backstage as soon as you finish eating, if so, for more details.

  13. [Whispering back] Well, I was hoping to a number on my own as I am an incredible singer and would love to give them and all your guests a special gift of love from muwahh. ;) I promise, you will NOT be disappointed.

  14. (whispering back to Tara) I don't have the voice Lizzie has (it sounds more like Pierce Brosnan in Mama Mia!), so hide me in the background and I'd be happy to join you.

  15. lol. popping back in trying to play some catch up....

  16. I don't envy you a bit, Brian! I highly suggest you read the entire comments section of Part Three, for example...

  17. Lizzie... Let me accompany you... I guess I'm better than they say... daaaaling... what is your favorite key to sing in anyway!

  18. yes.. the piano is right over here, sweetie! Is LadyCat ok? I must assist her first.. let me see... where is she? LadyCat, LadyCat... where are you, daaaaling dear? Oh yes dear Betsy... thank goodness you are here!!!

  19. Mr. Toast.. what "are" you doing? Gretchen is here I know, but don't get too over anxious... people are looking!

  20. I am so excited to be included in this musical thanks to the guys. Ready when you are.

  21. Uhhh... That was in Part Six...? ;-)