Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Polka-Dotties - A "Theme Thursday" Post

From an upcoming issue of Women's Wear Thursday, published here with the kind permission of NastyCon Publications, for our Theme Thursday post:

While the duo of Simpson & Lynch may indeed be one of the most talented multi-media writing teams to come down the pike since the very first road was paved, the number one ladies of Simpson/Lynch Studios can hardly be expected to stand in their men's shadows!

Gretchen Von Grüber, executive assistant at "SnL" and the rumored significant other of the man known as "The Skipster," is a fair-haired, statuesque lass whose enthusiasm for our polka dot theme was no doubt nurtured by her family's love for "polkas" of the Bavarian kind! Fetchin' Gretchen's beloved "Uncle Kris" is the leader of The Kris Von Grüber Happy Oompah Band, currently headlining at Las Vegas' newest hotel & casino, Oktoberfest!

Side-by-side in these shots with the lovely Ms. Von Grüber is the perky Tara King, rarely seen nowadays when not on the arm of her main squeeze, alias "The Foxster"... unless you're one of the lucky citizens of Pleasantview, Alabama, home to SnL's latest business venture, Kewl Beanz!TM The plucky'n'lucky Ms. King has been given the job of managing this ambitious coffee shop, which has quickly proven to be an economic boom to the dozens of Pleasantview natives now employed there, working to get Kewl Beanz!TM open by January 26th!

In the photo on the far left, eye-catchin' Gretchen wears a classy number by designer MF Voldemort, a deceptively plain-looking outfit which can't help subtly showcasing her curves. The tempting Tara is wearing a modest top with a subliminal corset effect by designer Ralph Kramden. Dark-haired, emerald-eyed Tara's cut-off shorts are a cut above the average from the line of Wrangler Jane's Denim Delights.

Ogling "Gretch" is no stretch when she wears this superb mid-length creation by Pravda, the Russian designer who has conquered the hearts of the fashion world much as the Cossacks conquered so many in their heyday! And doesn't terrific Tara look deceptively demure in her housewifey frock, courtesy of Empeg Casio?

Tara King, the Foxster's queen, stands out in a mini-dress rendered by the geniuses at Topogigio Armunni, one of the tempestuous Tara's fashion faves! And Tara's BFF Gretchen, the titanic Teutonic, stands still in a stunner by vinDiesel.

The two bodacious buddies take a breather to banter, looking swimmingly splendid in form-fitting one-piece suits. Alabaster-skinned Tara, on the left, wears a pulse-pounding purple number by another of her fashion fetishes, Jo McCarthy. Tanned and toned Gretchen, on your right and Tara's left, is clad in a pleasing, teasing, not-so-mellow yellow creation by Cucci-Cucci.

* * * * *

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  1. "Cucci-Cucci"? Nevermind...

    Tara and Gretchen wear the polka dots very well, indeed ;)

  2. Is that really a purple polka dot swimsuit she is wearing? Oh dreams, oh dreams oh dreams.

  3. lol. you will have to let us know when that issue comes out...happy guys have me so confused today...i thought i was missing a meeting b/c of all the TT posts...

  4. @Subby: Glad you liked the "look," but I've yet to see a polka dot outfit on either Tara or Gretchen at home. The things they'll do to publicize Kewl Beanz!

    @Alan: Umm... So, you like purple?

    @Kate: Thanks, and we hope you decide to attend the Grand Opening of Kewl Beanz!

    @Brian: I believe the issue actually hits the stands tomorrow, so I hope you can get to a newsstand early enough to grab a copy before it's sold out!

  5. not bad, not bad at all...but Baino has posted a great polka dot bikini pic that will start your salivating glands on waterfall.

  6. I wasn't thrilled about a polka dot fashion come back until I saw Tara and Gretchen's little show. Now I'm excited.

  7. I think it's hard not to tell Tara and Grethcen apart, brunette vs. blonde, etc, although both fairly similar bod types, don't you think?

    Yes, but the real question is will they wear polk dots on the big opening night and will their men too? Hmm, maybe I need to then looks for some funny polka dotted beret for this coffee shop event. ?

  8. Does this mean that dedicated followers of fashion should dress in Polka Dots for the Kewl Beans opening. I don't want to be out of fashion now then I can't risk turning up in the same outfit as those two hussies!

  9. Apparently, Tara arranged this photo shoot for herself and Gretchen solely to help publicize Kewl Beanz!

    As I mentioned to Subby earlier, neither one of them ever wears polka dots on their own time... although I may purchase the purple swimsuit for Tara, in case Alan ever gets to visit the Snl Studios and wants to hang out around the ol' hot tub.

    For the Kewl Beanz! Grand Opening, formal dress is requested -- thankfully, the Skipster is no longer in "beatnik mode" so we won't all have to be dressed in turtlenecks and berets -- but those who sign up can feel free to come dressed any way you wish! Tara's full-length gown for the event (yet another design by Topogigio Armunni) in particular cost me a pretty penny, but I think you'll all love it!

    And Baino... "hussies?" Oooooh! I hope after the upcoming event, Tara and Gretchen will have found their way into your heart as they have ours... err... I mean, mine! (Shouldn't speak for the Skipster on that one!)

  10. I'm lost! Are these your creations or something you've, cunningly, found? All dotty anyway!

  11. Quoting from my own Silver Fox blog, "[Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview] started out as a place to talk about our collaborative projects... but has... transformed into a soap opera of sorts, featuring storylines concerning "The Skipster" and "The Foxster"... as well as a great supporting cast." That's about the best way to explain things without asking or expecting you to read our last two months' worth of archives!

  12. Dots were never out in my little book. Yup, you are dotty!

  13. Dang it...I tried counting all the polka dots and now I'm cross-eyed...

  14. As always, you two crack me up. Of course, with me that's not a long trip. Anywho, I really got a kick out of this dotty post.

  15. Polka dots, strategically placed
    Can lend a lot of fun to a date.
    Ready to rumble at the Kewl Beanz
    But I don't know who to take.

    Decisions, decisions.

  16. A nicely done polka dotted fashion show! :)

  17. Mr. Skipster.....I think my polka dotted bikini would far surpass any one that GRETCHEN or TARA could sport.

    ((swooshes her hair over her shoulder))


  18. Should I really be attracted to little dolls?? LOL

  19. @Lizzie: Hm. Sounds like you're more interested in Skip than SnL's Skipster. (I know, I know, it does does get confusing!) May I suggest you wear your polka dot bikini the next time you visit Skip's Stuff? Best of luck to you!

    Otin: "Dolls?" Hm. Maybe you'd like this link. Best of luck to you, too! ;-)

    @Lettuce: I hope that's a compliment...! ;-)

    I also hope you decide to follow the continuing storyline, and please feel free to sign up for our upcoming event!