Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bits and Pieces, Bits and Pieces...

Scene: The conference room of Simpson/Lynch Studios, at approximately 10:15 on the morning of Monday, February 8th. (It is a little less than two hours after the events of our previous post.)

We join the morning conference in progress. The entire staff of Simpson/Lynch Studios has had an extremely varied discussion. Many points of business have been discussed.

Tara gives a detailed progress report on Kewl Beanz!, which is thriving, especially the upstairs "beatnik" room unofficially known as "Krebs' Krib." As she concludes her presentation, the Skipster announces that the first scheduled "name" act, Barry Cabana, has been confirmed to appear during the month of March.

The Foxster tells the others that NBC has already begun filming the first of the NBC Mystery Movie pilots, Montefusco, T.S.A., starring Jack Black. Industry insiders are already predicting that MTSA, as it is known, will be the next break-out hit for the network. To illustrate this point, the Foxster stands and holds up the current issue of "Peeps" magazine, which features Jack Black on its cover.

Foxster (good-naturedly): And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that both the "Peeps" article and the network are giving rave reviews to the pilot script written by our ever-humble Kato! (All applaud save Kato, who blushes.) The network was so impressed by the script that they gladly agreed to go over budget to accommodate Kato's... err... unique additions to what was supposed to be a standard, pedestrian whodunit. (to Kato, as the Foxster sits and places the magazine in front of Tara) Tell me, Kato, what in the world made you think of adding an anime sequence?

Kato: I'd never written a script before, so I just winged it, and wrote what I'd like to see!

Skipster: Including a little bit of by-play "borrowed" from Star Wars which I had to personally okay with George Lucas...

Foxster: Hey, George owed us one, for giving him permission to swipe those two lines of dialogue from our Son of Reefer Madness flick in Star Wars 47, or whichever the hell movie it was supposed to be in... until they cut it out at the very last minute! (All laugh, including the Skipster.)

Kato: It was gonna be in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. (pause) Although I don't remember if I learned that in an article, or on the DVD...

Tara: How in Gaea's name did "Peeps" get a copy of that pilot script?

Foxster (casually): Oh, I faxed a copy to Angela.

Tara and Gretchen stare at the Foxster, wide-eyed.

Tara: You know Angela Mercy, the Managing Editor of "Peeps?" I mean, like, personally?

Foxster (smiling): Sure. Angie and I go way back. (tapping his chest with the index finger of his left hand) Who do you think ensured that every word in the Skipster & Gretchen engagement piece was accurate?

Tara: Wow! I'm impressed. (Gretchen nods.) Sorry. (pause) I just... didn't know.

Foxster and Kato (simultaneously, to Tara): You never asked! (All laugh, save Vickie, who doesn't get the "in" joke.)

Skipster: Figures. George Lucas doesn't faze her. Angela Mercy knocks her out! (All laugh.) All right, everyone, that appears to wrap things up.

Foxster (rising): Great! Then let's boogie, people! I know I have a lot of...

Kato (interrupting): If you don't mind, Mr. Foxster, I have something that needs to be discussed with yourself and Mr. Skipster.

Foxster (sitting back down): Of course, Kato. Go ahead.

Kato: I'm afraid I'm going to need a short leave of absence, effective this Saturday. For a week, maybe two. (pause) Tara already hired a regular chef for Kewl Beanz! immediately after the grand opening, so my duties there have been non-existent for the past couple of weeks anyway, and Gretchen has been nice enough to offer to take my place in the kitchen here, in the studio, for everyone's meals...

Foxster (to Skipster, jokingly): We're always the last to know...

Skipster (only half-jokingly): Tell me about it. (to Kato) Well, the Foxster has his own car, and I'm perfectly capable of driving the limo, so... I don't see a problem with that, Kato. (brief pause) Foxster?

Foxster: No problem at all. If you don't mind my asking, Kato, what does this involve?

Kato: I'd rather not go into too much detail, but... I need to go to Boston, to see my family.

Tara: Oh, Kato! That's wonderful!

Kato (smiling at Tara): Yes, it's long overdue.

Skipster: Done. (to Vickie) Vickie, Carla has some notes and related paperwork involving some calls you need to follow up on, so if you don't mind...?

Vickie (cheerfully): Will do, Mr. Skipster!

Kato (rising): And I need to begin preparing lunch... and hiding a few essential kitchen items. That way, Gretchen will have enough problems so that you'll all be dying to have me come back! (All laugh. Kato and Vickie exit, closing the door behind them.)

The Skipster looks at Gretchen, then Tara, then back at Gretchen.

Skipster: I hear the two of you had a little run-in of sorts with Vickie the other day. (Gretchen and Tara look at each other, both with raised eyebrows. Both simultaneously shake their heads. Skipster and the Foxster both notice this silent exchange, of course.) No, neither of you. Vickie herself mentioned it to me. It seems she made a joke, and you two over-reacted a bit.

Foxster: What joke?

Tara (to Foxster): I didn't want to tell you. It was about Orson.

Skipster: Well, it was meant as a joke, and she feels terrible about it. (pause) I'm not going to drag this out, ladies. I just want you two to remember that Vickie's new here, and it's a slow process getting to be one of us, you might say. Try to get along with her, okay?

Gretchen: All right, Skip. I shall try.

Tara: Sure, sure! I will, too.

Skipster: Great! Then I don't have to keep you two any longer. (trying to lighten the mood) Fly, and be free! (Gretchen laughs and Tara smiles.)

Tara: As long as Gretchen and I have you two to ourselves, may we discuss something that's not related to our jobs? (Skipster and Foxster nod.) Well, Gretchen and I have an idea for the fourteenth.

Gretchen: She mean Valentimes Day.

Tara (smiling): Valentine's Day, sweetie. (brief pause) Anyway, we know what we want you guys to do for us.

Gretchen: We want you to give us videos. Love songs. Each one of you choose love song that best describe your love for us.

Skipster: Videos? That could take a while...

Foxster: Forever, in my case! Skip's the video maker!

Tara: No, don't worry, David! You can pull 'em offa YouTube, for all we care! It's the songs that count. (brief pause) And the presentation, of course. You pick the videos, and on Valentine's Day, the four of us can see 'em blown up on the big screen, in our theater.

Skipster and Foxster stare at each other.

Foxster: I don't know...

Tara (teasingly): You'll both save a bundle!

Foxster (rising): Then I'm all for it! (All laugh, while the Foxster looks at the other three.) Now can we go?

Skipster: If you don't mind hanging back, Foxster...?

Foxster (sitting): Crap. Catch you later, ladies! (Gretchen and Tara exit.) Okay, what did I do?

Skipster: Nothing. (pause) That's kinda the problem. (pause) Why didn't you tell me about what happened in the hot tub with you and Vickie the other day?

Foxster (somewhat defensively): What do you mean, "what happened?" What are you implying? What exactly did she tell you?!?

Skipster (chuckling): Oh, calm down. Nothing racy. She just said she was in the hot tub, stark naked, and you told her it was a "no-no," and then you ran out of the room like Jesse Owens.

Foxster: She said that? Does she even know who Jesse Owens was?

Skipster: No, she didn't say that, exactly... but I can sure picture you doing it!

Foxster (sputtering): It was embarrassing! I must've turned as red as the hair on her head! (pause) But I'm sure it won't happen again, plus it wasn't really a disciplinary thing, so... Did I need to tell you?

Skipster: I guess not, when you put it that way. I just felt a little out of the loop.

Foxster: Sorry. I'll be more careful next time, partner. (pause) I suppose everything's back to normal around here, then?

Skipster: I suppose. (long pause) On the other hand, you realize...

Foxster (finishing the Skipster's sentence): That every time we say that, things tend to blow up in our faces?

Skipster: Precisely.

* * * * *

Next: A Theme Thursday "Mirror" post that shows that What Happens in Vegas... Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas!!!


  1. Congratulations Kato. I'm so glad you opted to put an anime sequence in there. I love anime.

    Skipster, wise up. Vickie's playing divide and conquer here.
    I'd take anything she says with a bag of salt.

    Can't wait to see those videos. I'm sure they'll be a class act.

  2. Gee, it's a shame our characters can't learn from our commenters. And as for the videos, tune in Sunday morning.