Monday, February 8, 2010

Confidential E-Mail To The Silver Fox TOP SECRET!

To the Honorable David M. Lynch Esquire, Master Of Time And Space:

I'm pretty drunk write now. I hope I'm sending this to the rite email adress.

For the characters in "SnL:Pleasantview," instead of using those "Sims 2" figures, can we start using ventriloquist dummies instead, and photographing them? I found some pretty good ones! (See attached descriptions.)

That way I can make some extra money entertaining at children's birthday parties and retirement homes, utilizing SnL storylines! Whaddya think? Huh? Huh?



P.S. Pleeze don't let our regular readers see this email. I want to surprise them...


  1. Uhhh, Skip? It looks like your email got a little "misdirected." And once you're sober, give me a call, so we can discuss this... *ahem*... great new idea of yours for our Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview blog.

  2. (Wakes up in a drunken stupor) Hmm? Huh? Oh... thas okay... nobody ever reads this dang thing anyway... (hic)

  3. Err, two Doppelgangers and an Antichrist please (could you send them in a plain brown envelope)

  4. I've learnt two new words from this post: 'doppelganger' and 'bejeesus'. Like them. I'll be using a lot now the expression "scare the bejeesus".

  5. Ha! And they say my posts aren't edumacational!

  6. @Alan: What, no Tiny Tara? There's a young lady working over on the SnL blog that's gonna be mighty dejected.

  7. Dear Mr. Simpson, (Can I call you "Skip?")

    I find it kinda yucky that people would still use a politically incorrect term like "ventriloquist's dummy" in this day and age, ya know?

    The proper terminology is "intellectually challenged ventriloquist's avatar." Shape up, or watch out! Alabama is full of my supporters, you betcha!

    ~~Sarah Palin, Possible Presidential Candidate for 2012, and FOX News Commentator! (I use "commentator" instead of "analyst" because I don't do... well, never you mind, sonny boy!

  8. Dear Mrs. Palin,

    You forgot to close the parenthetical phrase at the end of your comment, you betcha!

    ~~The Silver Fox, Spelling and Grammar Policeman.

  9. Well, what do you expect from a politician who really believes illegal aliens should be deported, and their flying saucers impounded?

  10. Oh my goodness, this is soooo funny. chuckling here.