Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fruit Cup

Scene One: The home of Milo Fenderbender. One day ago. Milo is speaking with Vickie Wickie on the telephone.

Milo: Hi, Vickie. What's up?

Vickie's voice: Any more news yet about the Skipster, Luke, or Tara?

Milo: Give it time, Vickie!

Vickie's voice: We haven't got time! The Foxster is being released from the hospital tomorrow, and according to that idiot Carla, the Skipster called and said he and Gretchen will be coming home in a few days!

Milo: When?

Vickie's voice: Who knows? You don't expect Carla to deliver two coherent messages in a row, do you?

Milo: But why the rush? Just because your two bosses will be back in action doesn't mean...

Vickie's voice (interrupting): I'm tired of waiting around, sitting on my hands!

Milo: You could always sit on my hands...

Vickie disconnects.

* * * * *

Scene Two: Outside the main lobby of Pleasantview Community Hospital on the Foxster's release day, one day later. Tara wheels the Foxster out toward the limo, where Luke is waiting.

Suddenly Dr. Jane Kildeer, Nurse Betty, and Frank the EMT appear in front of them. They all have sly smiles on their faces.

Betty: Did you really think we were gonna let our "ornery patient of the year" out the door without a little something?

Tara (feigning surprise): David, ornery? No!

Betty hands him a card. It reads, "Glad you're well..." The Foxster opens the card. "You cantankerous old bastard!" Nurse Betty, Dr. Kildeer, and Frank have all signed it with "To David. We DON'T want to see you back!" They all laugh.

Tara (laughing, while reading over the Foxster's shoulder): I can't believe they make greeting cards like that!

Foxster (getting up from his wheelchair): I can. I wrote some of them myself, back in the early days... (brief pause) I'm sorry if I was a big pain in the ass...

Dr. Kildeer: That's okay, David. You can't help who you are. (Dr. Kildeer winks.) And congratulations on buying the Old Fenneman Estate. It'll do you a world of good.

The Foxster smiles and all five form a group hug.

Foxster: Thank you. You guys are really great.

Dr. Kildeer takes the Foxster's confiscated pack of cigarettes from the pocket of her white coat.

Dr. Kildeer: I believe these are yours.

Foxster: Keep them. (smiling) I can live without 'em.

Frank: Uhh... Mr. Foxster?

Foxster: Please, call me David. But go on, Frank.

Frank: Umm... David... Do you think I could be a movie star someday?

Foxster (chuckling): I'll see what I can do.

The staff goes inside. Foxster and Tara walk the short distance to the limo, arm-in-arm.

Foxster: Ya know, hon... this is a pretty nice hospital. But their ER could use some new things...

Tara: They could certainly use some newer magazines...

Foxster: Maybe I'll make a personal donation. What do you think?

Tara: Maybe it can be from the both of us.

Foxster: Well, a "personal donation" means it comes out of my private bank account.

Tara (looking slightly hurt): Oh. I can't be part of this?

Foxster: Oh, I didn't mean it that way. If you want to contribute, I'll help you out...

Tara (smiling): That may not be necessary.

The Foxster looks at Tara quizzically, but says nothing. They have arrived at the limo. Luke smiles and opens the rear passenger side door for them.

Luke: Nice to see that you're "free" again, Mr. Foxster.

Foxster: Thanks, Luke.

Tara (entering the limo): You're all heart, David.

Foxster (doing a perfect Stan Laurel impression, after a pause): I certainly hope so. (in his normal voice) Well... Let's go close on the new house, shall we? (
As the Foxster enters the limo, he starts humming "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight.")

* * * * *

End Titles

A load of thanks goes out to "Dreamhaven" of the Tangled Webs blog for her invaluable assistance in this storyline.


  1. Director of Photography? Does my agent know about this?

    Thanks, guys! I think I'll wander over to Megan's food table now.

  2. Film Editor! Goodness me. Do they give Oscars for film editing. Will I get one? Will I get the Assistant to the Producer. Do I get a choice which I get? So many questions, so little time.

  3. Awww....I'm completely honored!....and now I'm famous! haha...thank you! xo

  4. Art Director?! How did you know I wanted to be an art director? My plesaure to help on your project. It was nothing, really!

  5. Actually, this all came about when David and I were on the phone discussing this storyline. I casually mentioned I needed some names for the ending credits... and no lie... we both said at the same time, "Let's use the names of some of our viewers!!!" So we tried to match up the jobs to your interests. Glad y'all enjoyed it!

  6. music supervisor...lol...as long as i dont have to sing...just supervise...lol.

  7. That was fun Skip! I think that's as close to seeing my name up in lights as I'll ever get.

    And how is the Foxster doing without smokes? From way up here in Canada we haven't actually heard any screams of agony.

  8. Talk about burning the candle at both ends - I am trying to read from the first and from the most recent blogs. All this reading of blogs to catch up is giving me crazy techno-color dreams in surround sound. Avatars no less! Is the Foxster really not smoking? Is the Skipster also going to quit? That would be quite a story line, with lots of agony for the Skipster. I am sure you would hear screams from Alabama all the way to Canada. *sigh*

    Anyway, enjoying the blogs, but am obsessive compulsive about catching up cause I just know I have missed something important. Is this normal or do I need to get a life? :) Nah, who needs one of those. Hugs

  9. @Skip: Make a note. If we want more comments in the future, we need to suck up to our loyal readers more often!

    @All: Actually, Skip and I realize that, comments or not, we owe a world of thanks to our readers, who've been following our storylines ever since before the "Skipster" and "Foxster" became characters in their own right, and not just extensions of the "real" Skip and David. To steal a riff from the "heart-on-his-sleeve" Foxster, as opposed to my own unemotional, detached self... we love y'all.

    @Sandy: Wow. You're reading all of our posts? That must be like catching a random episode of General Hospital, and saying, "Hey, I like this show! I wonder if they sell DVD sets going back to 1963?"

    And right now, the real Silver Fox -- me -- is having a cigarette, laughing my @$$ off at the Foxster's withdrawal symptoms.

  10. @Megan: I'd send you a pizza, but by the time it got there from Massachusetts, it'd be cold.

  11. Set Decoration??? Woo Hoo! I always wanted to be an interior designer. ;o)

  12. @AngelMay: HEY! Look who's still alive! Seriously, good to "see" you again.

  13. That is really COOL.. I watched it again and again.. kind of feel like a SURREAL MOVIE, wanting MORE! Good job!

    Happy Easter!

  14. I knew my 37 years in nursing would finally prove useful. Always happy to help

  15. @Dreamhaven: Your assistance and input is always appreciated!

    @Shakira: Hope you enjoy the remaining chapters in "Season One."