Monday, March 29, 2010

"You've Missed a Few Things..."

Scene One: The front yard of Simpson/Lynch Studios in Pleasantview on a Saturday morning.

Due to a not-so-surprising miscommunication by Carla, the SnL receptionist, no one was at Montgomery Regional Airport to greet the Skipster and Gretchen when they arrived. The Skipster called Luke, who explained the mix-up. The Skipster decided to rent a car rather than make Luke drive all the way to get them.

The Skipster and Gretchen have just arrived from the airport. They are in the driveway. The Skipster calls out in greeting to Luke as they exit the rental car.

Skipster: Kato! Good to see you!

Gretchen walks to Luke and gives him a warm hug, but remains silent during the following exchange.

Luke: Actually, Mr. Skipster, I would prefer it if you call me "Luke" from now on.

Skipster: Umm... Okayyy... May I ask why?

Luke: Simply put, I have returned to using my real name, Luke Tian. "Kato Kato" is no more, shall we say.

Skipster: Really! Well, okay, whatever you want, of course... So, is the Foxster home? I'm surprised he's not out here to greet us, too...

Luke: Oh, that's right, you don't know.
(brief pause)
Mr. Foxster moved into his own home.

Skipster: What?!? Don't tell me he moved back to Massachusetts!

Luke: Oh, no, Mr. Skipster. Nothing like that. He bought a house right here in Pleasantview.

Skipster: Wow, that was pretty sudden...

Luke: Well, the doctor thought it would be best for him, after his heart attack.

Skipster: Doctor? What doct- Whoa! Did you say, heart attack?!?

Luke: Yes. (brief pause) Don't worry, he's much better now.

Skipster: Damn! So, with Vickie and Carla off for the weekend, we'll be walking into an empty house... except for you!

Luke (wincing): Umm... Not quite. (brief pause) Mr. Barry Cabana arrived at Kewl Beanz! a few days ago, and depending on whose story you believe, he either was dissatisfied with the Pleasantview Country Club and Spa... or he was thrown out of there. He's been staying in Mr. Foxster's old room here at the studio for the last few days. (pause) You two have missed a few things while you were gone.

Skipster (after a long pause): You have a remarkable talent for understatement... Luke. (pause) So, good old Barry's waiting to greet us? Well, that's good for something! It's been quite a while since the Foxster and I last saw him! (to Gretchen) Gretchen, honey, why don't you go inside and introduce yourself to our guest, while
I help Kato... I mean, Luke... with the luggage and all the souvenirs we bought

Gretchen: All right. (Gretchen starts to walk towards the front door.)

Luke: Um... Mr. Skipster... You should wait... I don't...

Skipster: Nonsense! She'll be all right.

Luke: But... I... but...

Skipster (kiddingly dramatic): I'll hear no more words of protestation from you, my good man. Now, let's get busy with the matters at hand here, shall we?

Gretchen enters the house. Luke's eyes start to water; the Skipster notices.

Skipster: Hey, now! Don't get all emotional on me! We missed you guys, too!

Luke wails. The Skipster starts carrying luggage toward the house and is met at the top of the front steps by an ashen-faced Gretchen.

Gretchen: Skip? Which one is Cabana Man?

Skipster: Which one? What do you mean, which one?

Gretchen: There are two men lying in room. It looks like room... exploded. I think men are dead!

The Skipster drops the suitcases and starts to make his way inside. Gretchen grabs his arm.

Gretchen: Wait! There is more! There is also sleeping dog... plus live chicken that chase me back out of room!

The Skipster gently pulls away from Gretchen's grasp and enters the house.

* * * * *

Scene Two: The Skipster enters the Foxster's old room on the first floor, only to see...

To Be Continued...


  1. Poor Gretchen! This is a too close to real life experience. So Kato is Luke, who bawls like a baby cause he is so glad to see his old friend, or is it because he is hoping Skipster will get things organized again. *sigh*
    The men in the pic look more hungover than drunk. Where are you taking us to guys?
    Enjoying the story lines and it must be like the serials old, when print was KING.

  2. Maybe they're passed out, maybe (as Gretchen fears) they're dead... Tune in next time!

  3. Why did anyone has to die? LOL
    I shall be back for more.... poor Luke, very emotional fellow is he now?

  4. @Shakira: Nahhh, don't worry, nobody died. Barry still has a gig to do at Kewl Beanz!, and Luke's been kinda stressed out lately. He won't be turning into a crybaby, never fear! But the tone of this post was a bit goofier than some of the other stuff we've presented lately, so we figured his little freak-out over what the Skipster and Gretchen would see when they opened the door was sort of justified.

  5. Holy Hannah, what a mess.
    I'm sure it caused much distress.
    A homecoming bomb was not expected.
    Not a single foot of floor detected.
    A dog and a chicken? Don't want to know.
    When Foxster finds out, I'm sure he will blow!!

  6. SOMEbody needs a Merry Maid. :)

  7. The "final chapter" of Barry's tale is coming very soon. Blame me for the lack of posts lately. I'm suffering from blogger burn-out.

  8. Oh my! This was a fun one! :) Looks like a college dorm room! ha.