Sunday, April 25, 2010


Scene One: Vickie Wickie has just called Milo Fenderbender. We see each of them in their respective homes as they speak on the telephone. It is early morning as Milo answers.

Milo: Vickie! Hi!

Vickie (cheerfully): Good morning, Milo! How's it goin', old buddy?

Milo: Vickie?!? Uhhh... "Old buddy?" (pause) Have you been drinking?

Vickie (laughing): Nope! (brief pause) How's life at Kewl Beanz! lately?
(brief pause)
Seen much of Tara? (Vickie chuckles.)

Milo: No, actually, not since a couple of nights ago, when you called me to say she'd gone missing. Bella says she took a few days off, for "personal reasons." (brief pause) Spill it, girl, what do you know that I apparently don't know?

Vickie: Heh. Don't expect her to show up again, ever! She and the fuzzy Fox had a biiiig blow-out! They've apparently split up! (Vickie laughs.) Nobody's even seen him, or her, for a few days! What's that expression you like to use, "I love it when a plan comes together?"

Milo: What "plan?" We can't take any credit for that!

Vickie: Awww, don't underestimate yourself, Milo! Whoever she was with that night -- before she finally dragged her sorry little well-shagged ass home -- the Foxster evidently assumes it was you!

Milo: You're in awfully good spirits.

Vickie: I certainly am! (brief pause) Just watched my baby boa have his breakfast, too. (pause) And today, Milo, m'dear, I hope to put the finishing touches on my plan, the one I've been working on for weeks!

Milo: Which is...?

Vickie: I have planted more than half a dozen phony "clues" for "Gretch the Wretch," to make her think the Skipster and I have been sleeping together behind her back.
And she's so gullible, I'm betting she's believed every single one... at least the ones that she's been bright enough to notice! I'm also betting she hasn't had the guts to say anything to old "Skip-to-my-Lou" about any of them! (Vickie laughs loudly.)

Milo (hopefully, after a long pause): I don't suppose...?

You want to know if I'm in the mood for "the old Fenderbender Treatment?" (
to herself, aloud, laughing) I can't believe I just said that! (to Milo) Tell you what, Milo, if everything goes well this afternoon, I just may grant your sleazy little wish!

Milo: Sweet! (brief pause) What exactly do you have planned for "this afternoon?"

Vickie: The Skipster is supposed to help me with -- believe it or not -- my freakin' golf game. And I know little Gretchie-poo will be lurking around somewhere! So, unless I'm "busy" for real with the Skipster himself tonight... heh... I may invite you to my digs to... celebrate!

Milo: Mmm! Good luck to both of us, then!

Vickie: I can't speak for you, Milo, but I make my own luck! (cheerfully) Ta-ta! (Vickie disconnects.)

* * * * *

Scenes Two and Three: "Pleasantview, Season One" Opening Credits and "Vickie, Victorious!!!"

* * * * *

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  1. Gretchen, you need an MRI. There's something wrong with your brain if you think Skip cares for that vicious viper. Please wake up and trust the Skipster's love for you.

    Killer of dreams


  2. Too bad Gretchen's not the confrontational type, huh? But then again, Tara is... and we all saw how well that worked out.

    Great acrostic, btw.

  3. Nice acrostic, Dreamhaven! I totally agree!

  4. Ty kindly. What can I say, I was inspired.