Monday, May 17, 2010

For Those Who Came In Late: WHO'S WHO in PLEASANTVIEW!

Note from David M. Lynch (the real one, not "the Foxster"): For the first time since this blog was "inaugurated" on September 4th of last year, both myself and Skip Simpson are involved with enough "real world" activities to make this blog somewhat less than first -- or even second, third, or 47th -- on our list of priorities.

After wrapping up what Skip and I refer to as "Season One" of Pleasantview, I decided to take a so-called vacation. The agreement was that Skip would handle the lion's share of his own creation, Spy Guys, while I would contribute only an occasional section of dialogue, a plot assist here and there, and some of what I refer to as "editing for sameness of style." (You know, that minor rewriting that makes it look like Skip's posts, my posts, and those attributed to an author known only as "Simpson/Lynch Studios" are all written by the same person.)

Skip, who has recently reunited -- at first, only online & by telephone -- with his "favorite ex-wife" (number three in a series, collect 'em all!), Sandy, was recently blessed with a visit in Alabama by Sandy "in the flesh." After this visit, the two of them traveled to Sandy's stomping grounds in Virginia, where they've been doing all sorts of fun stuff... like searching for places with internet access, not to mention freakin' electricity & running water, fer cryin' out loud! (I'm exaggerating, but only a bit!) I'll let him fill you in on further details, if ever he decides to do so.

Anyway, this put Skip -- and Sandy, too, whom Skip made his co-conspirator on Spy Guys -- in a position where he, like myself before him, felt/feels totally justified (as well he should) in ignoring any self-imposed "deadlines" on a blog we both bust our individual asses on with absolutely zero pay for our efforts. (That, by the way, is why we're such pitiful "comment whores." When people don't comment, we have no idea what we're doing well, or not so well, in our readers' eyes. But I digress.)

Skip and I both fully realize that the nature of both Pleasantview and Spy Guys, with their on-going storylines -- we think of both stories as "nighttime soap operas" like Dynasty, The Sopranos, Lost, Dallas, and the like -- can be more than a little off-putting for newer readers. So I decided to make a list of virtually all of the "Snl" characters for the newbies, to be posted every couple of days. It'll be fairly "dry" reading... if you bother at all, that is... and there won't be much at all that regular followers don't know already... but there may be one or two things that only the sharpest of our sharp-eyed readers might have caught... and I might just throw in a little tid-bit or two that has never been revealed before, just to see if you're paying attention!

As is the case with the blog itself, some entries -- or parts of entries -- will be vaguely humorous, while others will not be. (Contrast Gretchen's abusive marriage or Tara's homelessness with Carla the Receptionist's or Dewey Mellen's bios, for example.)

This "Who's Who" will be kind of lengthy, even for me, since it encompasses virtually all of our characters to date (although most of the really incidental cast members only get a few sentences). Therefore, I'm going to break it into several installments, which will give the SnL team even more of a breather. Nevertheless, you may not want to read these entries from start to finish (unless you have lots of time... and patience), but perhaps "visit" them now and then, as necessary.

Wish me luck, fellow babies... and thanks for your time.

To Be Continued... Wednesday!

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