Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Silver Fox (not the "Foxster"), here, with Part Three of WHO'S WHO in PLEASANTVIEW! This time we feature some of our ever-growing supporting cast, namely, the three who were instrumental in keeping the Foxster alive a while ago, when he had his heart attack.

By the way, fellow babies, throughout WHO'S WHO in PLEASANTVIEW, I could -- should? -- have thrown in 8,000,000 "linky-things" to "prove" all these fascinatin' facts I'm throwin' at ya, but that would have taken an additional couple of hours, and this was supposed to be my freakin' "vacation," y'know?!?

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Dr. Jane Kildeer -- Dr. Kildeer saved the Foxster's life when he was rushed to Pleasantview Community Hospital after a recent heart attack. During her follow-up consultations with the Foxster, she convinced him to quit smoking cigarettes, and strongly suggested that he (as well as Tara) abandon the communal living arrangements at Simpson/Lynch Studios. (The SnL staff's "living arrangements" placed the Skipster & Gretchen, the Foxster & Tara, and Luke Tian all under the same roof during the majority of their working and leisure hours.) This prompted the Foxster to purchase what was and still is referred to as "the Old Fenneman Estate," into which he swiftly moved along with Tara. Not only is Dr. Kildeer an accomplished physician with a genuine concern for her patients' well-being, she is also an attractive, affable single woman with a wonderful sense of humor. She is constantly being told that she resembles actress Nicole Kidman, which unfortunately means that she more than slightly resembles Vickie Wickie, as well.

Frank the EMT -- Frank (last name undisclosed thus far) was luckily on the scene (and on duty) when the Foxster had his heart attack. A rugged, charismatic individual with matinée idol looks, Frank has expressed a desire to the Foxster to become a "movie star," which may or may not have been a joke. A chance meeting with Milo Fenderbender at Kewl Beanz! left Frank with the unsettling impression that he'd seen Milo before, while Milo exited as soon as possible, looking like he'd seen "a ghost." Frank also confided in Tara that he was "getting deeply attracted" to someone he worked with at the hospital. He swore Tara to secrecy about the matter, and although the two of them have presumably discussed the matter at length by now, "off-screen," as it were, this "someone's" identity has yet to be revealed to our readers.

Nurse Betty -- Betty (last name unrevealed) is the head nurse in Pleasantview Community Hospital's ICU. Betty is remarkably efficient, and at least as competent as everyone else at PCH with whom the Foxster made contact during his stay there. Betty wears her dark brown hair in a style popular among many of Pleasantview's female citizens, a hairdo known as "The Tara" (in honor of Tara King's boost to the local economy via Simpson/Lynch Studios' Kewl Beanz! coffeehouse, restaurant, and nightclub, which Tara helms).

Coming Soon: The next installment of WHO'S WHO in PLEASANTVIEW will focus on four characters who are all very different from one another!

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  1. Sharp-Eyed ReaderJune 1, 2010 at 1:31 AM

    Hey! I was waiting for the next installment of Spy Guys, and I get this! Can't your writing team of Simpson-Herbert come up with another script on time? This is turning into "Moonlighting," when we had to wait weeks for new episodes! So sad...

  2. I guess Sandy and Skip are too busy planning their 2012 wedding. (I'm too much of a gentleman to suggest anything else... publicly, anyway.) You should know that by reading our solo blogs. (You do read our solo blogs, don'tcha?) But, on the other hand, I've already written all six of this six-part WHO'S WHO, and yer stuck with all of 'em anyway, Sharpie! (I mean "yer stuck with 'em" in the best possible way, of course.) Thanks for your concern. We love ya!

  3. Sharp-Eyed ReaderJune 1, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Huh! Dr. Killdeer and Vickie Wickie, both resemble Nicole Kidman. (Vickie looks like "Nickie", ha, ha!) And, Vickie Wickie's real name is "presumably an alias". And, Vickie never talks about her family. Come clean, guys, are they sisters???

  4. I'm enjoying these Who reviews. Most things I remember, but was glad to read about Frank, here, who didn't catch my attention much during the original posts. I'm thinking we're going to be hearing more about him in the next series!

  5. @Sharp-Eyed Reader: No.

    @Betsy: You are remarkably prescient, doll!