Friday, May 21, 2010


Again, for our newer readers (mostly), here's WHO'S WHO in PLEASANTVIEW! Today, fellow babies, we focus on two "baddies" and a beauty!

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Vickie Wickie -- Vickie's full, stated name is presumably an alias of some kind. She is in her very late twenties. Little is known of her life before she was hired by Simpson/Lynch Studios to be SnL's new Executive Assistant when Gretchen was promoted to Director of Operations. (She had used some undisclosed method of subterfuge to insure that hers was the only application which reached them in answer to their ad.) Vickie once claimed to the Skipster that her estranged father recently passed away; she has never spoken about her mother, nor any other family members. Since she joined the SnL staff, Vickie has worked continually -- but to no avail -- to get some or all of the Simpson/Lynch fortune, as her personal goal seems to be to become wealthy before she reaches the age of thirty. Her initial efforts at seducing both the Foxster and the Skipster met with defeat, although she eventually planted enough false clues that she and the Skipster were indeed having an affair to make the non-confrontational Gretchen break off her engagement to the Skipster and leave without a word. Gretchen has always felt uneasy around her, as has Luke, while the more emotional Tara blatantly can't stand her. Vickie is a heartless, racist, social-climbing, animal-hating, self-centered bitch whose only means of entertainment seem to be feeding live mice to her boa constrictor, and having sex... and the latter occurs only when things are going 100% Vickie's way. In fact... calling Vickie a "bitch" does a grave disservice to female dogs everywhere.

Milo Fenderbender -- Oddly enough, "Fenderbender" is Milo's real last name, the result of an immigration officer's warped sense of humor when Milo's immediate family escaped the Soviet Union and immigrated to the USA in the early 1960s. Milo is a disbarred lawyer, in his early fifties, who still has various seedy "connections." He has known Vickie Wickie for an unspecified time, and serves as her partner of a sort, for no real compensation other than rare instances of sex and (presumably) whatever entertainment Vickie's nefarious actions provide for him. Milo is crude and sexist, although he can act quite worldly and even charming when it suits his purposes. Milo seems to be as well-versed in pop culture as both the Foxster and Luke Tian; in a much different world (that is, one in which Milo was not such an unrepentant scuzz-ball), the three might all be friends. Quite some time ago, Milo set his sleazy sites on Tara King, and frequents Kewl Beanz! in hopes of someday "nailing" her... hopes which are thus far unrewarded, thankfully.

Isabella "Bella" Vergara -- Little is known about the beautiful Bella at this time. She is the recently-hired Assistant Manager of Kewl Beanz! and the mother of a small child (gender currently unspecified to this blog's readers). Whether she is divorced, widowed, or single has not been revealed, but she is currently "unattached" in the romantic sense. She is probably in her mid-twenties. Bella came from Colombia and speaks fluent English, albeit with a fetchingly heavy accent. She is very well-versed in all aspects of the SnL staff's public personas.

More Coming Soon!

Thanks for your time.

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