Thursday, July 29, 2010


(Silver Fox here, fellow babies!)

I almost sh-- errr... freaked when I found the following on a friend's blogroll:

Unsubscribers Wanted - If you see your picture on the sidebar, please remove this blog from your "blogs I follow" list. There is nothing to see here. Move along please.

I didn't post that, so that meant that my writing partner, Skip Simpson, did. Telling our readers right before the finale of Spy Guys to "go away," as it were? What the hell was he thinking? I wondered.

I checked the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog itself -- that's the one you're reading now, fellow babies, so forgive me for not linking to it -- and found that the post had already been deleted. I decided to call my ol' buddy Skip in Alabama, to calmly & rationally discuss the matter. The following is our conversation:

Skip: Hey, David! Great to hear from you! (pause) Why'd you call collect?

David (shouting): Never mind that! Why the [expletive deleted] did you just tell our SnL followers to stop reading our blog?

Skip (chuckling): Oh, that? Heh. I mistakenly posted it to the wrong blog. It was meant for Skip's Stuff.

David (shouting): Don't lie to me, you lying liar! You deleted that blog!

Skip (calmly): No, little buddy, I just "closed" it. And I wrote that post because I want to "clean house," as it were, and start my blog fresh in a few months.

David (shouting): Anyone who has a blogroll will see that [expletive deleted] post there, whether you deleted it from SnL or not! And all of our followers will see it in their [expletive deleted] new posts list, too, you stupid [expletive deleted], and...

Skip (calmly): Really? (pause) Oops.

David (shouting): "Oops?" "Oops?!?" [Expletive deleted] OOPS?!?

Skip (calmly): Gee, if you're really upset, ol' chum, why not write a short post telling them it was meant for Skip's Stuff instead. They'll understand.

David (screaming): IF I'm upset?!? And stop saying it was meant for Skip's Stuff! You deleted that, you dumb [multiple expletives deleted]!

Skip (calmly, to the point of being comatose): I told you, I didn't delete it, I just closed it. Go there and see for yourself.

David (muttering): Go there yourself! Heh. Go [expletive deleted] yourself. (pause) See if I won't. (checking Skip's Stuff's URL) Uhhh...

Skip (half asleep): Still there, ol' pal?

David (quietly): Umm... 'Bye, there, Skip. (David hangs up.)

* * * * *

So... If anyone saw that post, or sees it in their "Followers" listings... It was a mistake. Skip's mistake. Not mine. We both still love our readers. And I'm calm and rational. Really.

At least... I'm much better now.

And HEY! In the event that this post "buried" our last entry, please DO NOT MISS the penultimate chapter of Spy Guys, already posted! (I even changed the date so it'd be at the top of this blog!) So click here, willya?

Thanks for your time.


  1. Man! You guys really screwed up this time! So sad...

  2. @Sharpie: So, does that mean you're gonna stop following the blog, Sharpie? Does it? Huh? Does it? Huh?

  3. I think somebody needs a drink.

  4. I'm glad you still love us! :)

  5. I'd join the follower's list, but it isn't working at the moment!

  6. Some more than others, as Sharpie well knows...

  7. I looked for my picture but didn't find it so I figured you still loved me. ;o)