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Here we are with the sixth and final segment of WHO'S WHO in PLEASANTVIEW! This time we deal with just one of the Spy Guys cast, an unfortunate relative of hers, and our more minor characters. Some of them will be showing up again, some of them we -- and you, perhaps -- are glad we got rid of, and others have merely been mentioned, and may or may not ever get "fleshed out" more than they have already.

* * * * *

Annabel-Lee Pleasant -- Better known as "Buffy," the only high school nickname she ever formed a liking for -- "Chipmunk Cheeks" and "Wide Glide" were two of the disparaging others -- Miss Pleasant is a member of the family that founded Pleasantview, Alabama. Among her other interests, Buffy is a devoted fan of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, perhaps influenced by her being named for his poem, Annabel Lee. (Buffy's parents, of course, were the ones who added a hyphen to their daughter's name.) She even joined the misspelled "Edgar Alan Poe Society" during her high school years. (The misspelling was thanks to the society's advisor, Dewey Mellen... who's an idiot.) Sometime after her graduation a few years ago, Buffy underwent a slight make-over which made her much more attractive to the "discriminating eyes" of the small-minded Pleasantview townspeople... as well as the Skipster, as shown in a recent Simpson/Lynch Studios: Spy Guys post! Buffy is currently an agent for the international espionage agency known only as GLOBE, and is stationed in its Pleasantview outpost, although she ostensibly works as a receptionist for its cover operation, Global Telecommunications.

Gabriel Pleasant III -- Gabriel Pleasant is better known as "Gabby," as were his father and grandfather before him. In fact, his grandfather founded the town of Pleasantview, Alabama. He is literally the only homeless person living in Pleasantview. Regrettably, the fact of Gabby's situation invokes only scorn and disgust from most of the native townspeople, as opposed to sympathy, charity, or any other positive reaction. With a mere handful of exceptions, only an occasional "outsider" such as the unlikely Barry Cabana ever shows him any compassion. Gabby is considered an embarrassment to the wealthy & oh-so-proper Pleasant clan itself. The origins of his unfortunate status have yet to be told.

And now, the rest of the entries for those who have been mentioned or otherwise featured in Simpson/Lynch Studios: Pleasantview... except for Buffy Pleasant's fellow GLOBE agents, who will shortly be showcased in the remaining chapters of Spy Guys. Photos for all -- except one, as noted below -- are regrettably, or not-so-regrettably, unavailable.

Angela Mercy -- Angela Mercy is the Managing Editor of Peeps magazine, the leading entertainment gossip magazine in the Western hemisphere. Angela began her career in the 1960s as the author of "goo-goo hippie love poems" before being hired as a writer on the long-running TV soap opera, Ocean Haven. Eventually, she had become the show's Head Writer, which is when she first encountered the young Foxster, who began writing for Ocean Haven under the pseudonym of "David DaSilva." Years later, when Angela had become Peeps' Managing Editor and the Foxster was world-famous as part of the Simpson/Lynch duo, Angela and the Foxster made a friendly, informal agreement that Simpson/Lynch Studios would feed exclusive interviews and the like to Peeps, as long as Peeps never published unfounded rumors about SnL or its staff.

Carol Brady -- Attractive, capable Carol Brady -- no, not that Carol Brady! -- holds the office of Town Clerk in Pleasantview. She has her fingers in every proverbial pie in town; some maintain that she is Pleasantview's de facto mayor. Carol was immediately attracted to the Foxster upon their first meeting, at which point he politely informed her that he was dating Tara King.... which, at this writing, is admittedly no longer the case...

Irene Mellen -- Irene is the mother of Dewey Mellen, who runs the Pleasantview Poop Sheet, Pleasantview's only newspaper. She serves as the presumably-unpaid proofreader for the Dewey's Doings social column.

Bruno Drake -- During the Skipster/Foxster feud, the Skipster and Foxster decided to settle their differences publicly, in -- of all things -- a professional wrestling ring. Enter Bruno Drake, who -- among other shady activities -- had founded a wrestling federation known as the WTF (variously defined as either "Wrestle That Feller" or "Wrestle That F***er"). The WTF attempted to bring back the glory days of the 1980s WWF matches by shamelessly stealing the WWF wrestlers' names and modus operandi. The Skipster was forced to perform as "Macho Man" Randy Savage, while the Foxster was decked out as "Hulk" Hogan. Drake scheduled a match between the Skipster and yet another WWF clone, which offended both the Skipster and Foxster, who each made it clear that they intended to end their associations with the WTF regardless of their own grudge match's outcome. Realizing that the loss of his "big draw" duo of Simpson & Lynch would be detrimental to the economic health of the WTF, Drake had his minions kidnap Luke Tian as a blackmail pawn during the fixed match between the Skipster and the aforementioned "clone." Seeing "that Elvis guy" and other WTF thugs gang up on the Skipster, the Foxster intervened, ending the Skipster/Foxster feud. The Skipster soon used his contacts as a former agent of GLOBE to single-handedly rescue Luke, unemotionally dispatching many of those who stood in his way. Bruno Drake remains at large.

Arthur Prunesqualor -- Prunesqualor was the WTF's
above-mentioned "WWF clone," who performed for the WTF under the alias of "The Honky Tonk Man." (The real WCW & WWF's "Honky Tonk Man," Roy Wayne Farris, had absolutely nothing to do with the WTF, of course.) Prunesqualor was conveniently located in Alabama, so while the Skipster was rescuing Luke, the Foxster tracked down Prunesqualor and beat the livin' crap out of him for his part in Luke's abduction. (I actually have a photo of Mr. Prunesqualor, but who cares, right?)

Friedrich -- While still a teen in her native Germany, Gretchen Von Grüber married a young man named Friedrich (last name unrevealed). Friedrich was an alcoholic who brutally beat Gretchen on several occasions, even causing a miscarriage when he hurled a pregnant Gretchen down a flight of stairs. Gretchen's Uncle Kris gave Friedrich a taste of his own violent medicine "as a lovely parting gift" before taking Gretchen away from Friedrich... forever?

Ian Cumming -- Cumming is the owner and general manager of Pleasantview's only radio station, WPLJ-AM (specializing in "oldies"), as well as its "sister" station, WPLJ-TV.

Crenshaw Mellen -- Crenshaw Mellen was the father of Dewey Mellen and the founder of the Pleasantview Poop Sheet.

Calvin T. Burnside -- Burnside is the as-yet-unseen mayor of Pleasantview, Alabama.

Chester Minnit -- Minnit is the very-soon-to-be-mentioned Chief of the Pleasantview Volunteer Fire Department.

* * * * *

Whew! Over thirty freakin' characters accumulated i
n less than a year, and that's
not counting the other four Spy Guys cast members -- Mr. Winter, Kitt Kittridge, John Slate, and Glory Becker -- but it's a bit early to tell you stuff about them which you'll be learning in Spy Guys itself!

Stay tuned for the remaining episodes of Spy Guys...

And as always, thanks for your time.


  1. Friederick...may make an appearance? Ooooh that will be interesting!

    Over thirty characters! Wow...I would have never guessed there were so many. You'd have to be keep them all straight! Good thing we'll have these reviews to fall back on when some of the more obscure ones come on the scene again.

  2. Are you going to be publishing collectable trading cards anytime soon with the pictures on the front and their stats on the back (such as strength, health, aptitude, zeal, etc.)? If you do, please send me some.

  3. @Betsy: A possible appearance by Friedrich? Hey, one never knows.

    And if anyone ever wants to refer back to these, that'd be great. Otherwise I busted my butt for nothing. ;-)

    @Sharpie: If we ever do, we'll SELL you some.

  4. We demand that you post something new really quick or I will be forced to complain to Blogger. I am paying good money to be entertained and I want everything that's coming to me.

  5. Hey, Sharpster, to WHOM are you "paying good money?!?!" If someone's making a buck off of this blog, Skip, Sandy, and I demand our cut!!!