Monday, October 26, 2009

Why, I Oughtta...!

I just checked out "Skip's Stuff," the blog of my writing partner and so-called "friend," Skip Simpson, where he seems to be turning the blog into "Sgt. Skipster's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

I found a supposed "conversation" between Skip and myself!

I'm referred to as "SF676756." Here's some of "my" dialogue (and for the full post, click here):

SF676756: Stop calling me [Foxster]!!! What gives you the right to call yourself a gentleman??? LOL!!! ROFL!!!
Skipster1951: The same right you have to run around in a Zorro outfit, I guess... :P
SF676756: I'll ignore that! I'd advise you to stop misrepresenting yourself to your female viewers, otherwise I'll be forced to post the pictures I've kept since 1983!!!


I didn't write any of that! How dare he even suggest I'd use "LOL" or "ROFL?" In a word: Ewwww!

(Although I really do hate it when he calls me "Foxster!")

Well, I'm not gonna take this lying down. In fact, his own post gave me the idea as far as how to "get even"with him. Heh, heh, heh.

The following pictures are from the early 1980s, fellow babies!

None of the guys in this photo are gay or anything. Just sayin'.

This is the "romantic at heart" who's looking for a date, ladies!

Hm. He's "looking for someone to share some time"
with him? Or do some time with him?

How do you like those apples, "Skipster?" That oughtta teach you to mess with the Foxst- I mean, The Silver Fox!

Whose freakin' idea was it to revive this razzer-frazzer partnership, anyway?!?

Thanks for your time.

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