Monday, August 30, 2010

The Foxster's Fone... errr.. Phone Call ~ A Teaser for PLEASANTVIEW, Season Two!

PLEASANTVIEW is returning soon!!!

David M. Lynch (a/k/a The Silver Fox) here, fellow babies! And yes, that's right: Season Two of Pleasantview is coming soon!

I had what I hoped was a pretty good post already written for this entry, when I got a polite but relatively short email from Skip Simpson saying, "While Sandy and I are away from the blog world, feel free to write ANYTHING YOU WANT on the Simpson/Lynch Studios blog. Anything, EXCEPT... Please don't write ANY dialog for the Skipster himself. I don't want you to screw up the character. No offense."

No dialog for the Skipster? Terrific. Ter-freakin'-rific! This resulted in a rather hasty edit. Hope you like it anyway.

Thanks for your time.

* * * * *

Scene One: The living room of the Foxster's home in Pleasantview, Alabama, known locally as "The Old Fenneman Estate." It is early in the afternoon. The Foxster is speaking on the telephone.

Foxster: Skipster! I've been trying to call you for two or three days! (laughing) Why do you even bother having a cell phone, if you're not going to answer it? (pauses while Skipster speaks) Have you been to the studio at all lately? (pauses while Skipster speaks) Neither have I, pretty much, and I haven't been to Kewl Beanz! since Tara and I split. (pauses while Skipster speaks) Well, she hasn't quit. Why the hell should she? She's still as competent as ever. (pauses while Skipster speaks) I've had a few strained phone conversations with her, and I still sign her paychecks, and Bella's, and everybody else's... but that's about it. (pauses while Skipster speaks) And just for the record... according to Carla, although we both know how reliable she can be... Gretchen hasn't called, or shown up. (brief pause while Skipster speaks) I know you didn't ask. I'm telling you anyway. (brief pause while Skipster speaks) Same to you, fella! (pause) Anyway, it's "safe" for you to come back, evidently. (brief pause while Skipster speaks) Like I said: Same to you, fella! (pauses while Skipster speaks) Me? Believe it or not, I just got home a few days ago. I was in Louisville, Kentucky! And get this... I just bought a racehorse! (pauses while Skipster speaks) You don't? Why? What the hell's wrong with horses? (pauses while Skipster speaks) Well, they say you're supposed to get right back on, when that happens. (long pause while Skipster speaks) Luke's doing okay. In fact, there's some stuff going on with him that ought to interest you... but I'll save it for now. And Vickie's been doing a great job coordinating the building of the new studio and office complex. (long pause while Skipster speaks) Yup, I agree. And it's time we officially made her Director of Operations. That'll give her access to the SnL bank account, so she can handle all the payments to the staff, and the construction workers, and-- What? (pauses while Skipster speaks) I told you. I bought a racehorse. (The Foxster pauses while Skipster speaks, then laughs.) Damned if I know! After taking care of the business deal, I got drunk. Realllly drunk. I don't remember anything I did in Louisville until the last day I crawled out of bed with a killer hangover and drove home! (pause) So... when are you coming back? (pauses while Skipster speaks) Well, can you at least tell me where you are? (pauses while Skipster speaks) Fine. Be that way... and don't think I can't hear that girlish giggling in the background, you ol' dog! (laughs) Actually, I'm gonna get a few more days' worth of r&r before I go back, too! (brief pause while Skipster speaks) Yeah, you too, old buddy. (The Foxster disconnects.)

* * * * *

Scene Two: The Foxster's bedroom in The Old Fenneman Estate. It is late evening. The phone rings and the Foxster answers it.

Foxster: Hello? Who is-- Barry? Barry Cabana?!? Holy... !!! I haven't seen you since-- (pauses while Barry speaks) What are you talking about? You were in Louisville? (The Foxster pauses again while Barry speaks at length, then responds in a very low voice.) And the Skipster did what, again?

The Foxster listens patiently while Barry speaks. Then, after the Foxster and Barry exchange a few pleasantries about the recent resurgence in Barry's career, the call ends.

The Foxster calls the Skipster's number.

There is no answer.

* * * * *

Coming Soon: Season Two of Pleasantview begins for real!!!


  1. Of COURSE Skipster didn't answer! :)

    OK..enough teasing, when is SnL coming back for real?

  2. @Betsy: The Skipster didn't answer because he was "busy" with... whomever it is that he's been staying with since returning to Pleasantview from Louisville.

    And now that we've given you a little recap, some bridging material, and some teasers for Season Two, Pleasantview will return "for real" in about a week.

  3. yes, dear, I got the reason! ;)

  4. @Betsy: Well, I know you got it, but in case anyone else ends up reading these comments... There seems to be a lot of Blogger confusion lately! ;-)