Saturday, May 21, 2011

Creative Minds at Work

Skip sez: I figured it was time to add another post to our long-neglected blog, and since my partner D.M.L. is busy re-writing the script for our upcoming graphic novel, I thought I'd give a few (very few, based on the weekly site reports I keep getting every Sunday) of our gentle readers a peek behind the scenes, as it were, to the "inner workings" of Simpson/Lynch Studios, where along the way I plan on divulging a few of our "trade secrets." Heh heh heh.

David sez: Oh, terrific. Here's where I get to do "damage control!"

Skip sez: First of all, David comes up with a story. Then he emails it to me, where I do the art.

David sez: Luckily, I save all of my original art, so I can someday sell it for big bucks on eBay!

David sez: I think mine was almost as good as Skip's...

Skip sez: That concludes our tour through the inner workings of Simpson/Lynch Studios. Please be sure to grab a complimentary copy of Dewey Mellen's Pleasantview Poop Sheet, and purchase a souvenir t-shirt and a Kewl Beanz! coffee mug, on your way out.

David sez: *sigh*

Skip sez: Vootie!

David sez: Oh, shut up! I mean, thanks for your time, fellow babies!